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Fish Farm for Sale 1.3 Hectares in Sampaloc Tanay Php1,000 per sqm (negotiable) 3 Kilometers away from the highway Road along Regina Rica Location is beside the river (Kaylupisan Creek) Area has a cool weather even during summer Abundant water supply (spring water or bukal) INCOME GENERATING BUSINESS - for those into farming/fishing and can be used/further developed into fishing campsite or glamping resort.  Development in the farm: 3 Big fishpond for tilapia, dalag or hito 4 Small fishpond for tilapia, dalag or hito fingerlings 1 Pond with 300 pieces of Koi 1 building for poultry business good for 1,500 chickens ( with bodega for supplies ) With 2 Bahay Kubo : 1 for the caretaker (with comfort room)  and supplies and 1 for the owner with 2 comfort rooms with showers inside and out and water deposit/tank powered by water pump. With mini pool ( man made -spring water) With water deposit (man made) Consideration: 12 minutes trekking from main road. Approximately 400 meters away from the barangay road/parking With right of way but yet to be developed No electricity but with Solar lights and water pump. Trees and Vegetables: There are a number of trees and plants in the area: Veggies: Kamatis, Talong, okra, kalamansi, sili labuyo Trees and Fruits: 100 Coconut, 1 Mango, 40 Mahogany, 10 Papaya, 2 Siniguelas, 5 Rambutan, 1 Suha, 10 Guyabano, 10 Saging, Animals: 12 Goats 2 Horses 2 Native pigs (Note: We are breeding these animals and are for sale. however these can be  included in the sale of the property (discounted) (**if still available) Note:  BIR Capital Gains tax - Seller's account Assessor's office Transfer Tax and Registry of Deeds transfer - Buyer's account

Tanay, Rizal: Adventures in Nature Await
Tanay is one of thirteen towns that make up the province of Rizal. The city is best known for its natural wonders, such as the striking Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls, Nagpatong Rock, and Masungi Georeserve. These natural beauties extend themselves as far as the town’s boundaries, such as with a portion of the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range and the glittering Laguna de Bay on its outer fringes. Thousands of tourists flock to the town to get a glimpse of these picturesque sites, especially since the city is just a one to two-hour drive away from the nation’s capital.  

Buying a commercial lot for sale in Tanay, Rizal is an excellent way to take advantage of the bustling tourism economy of the city. There are plenty of opportunities to establish a business that caters to the throngs of visitors that want to experience all the best that Tanay has to offer. You can make good use of a commercial lot in Tanay, Rizal by setting up anything from a cozy guesthouse to an outdoor activity equipment rental kiosk close to the most popular vacation hotspots across the city. 

Tourism isn’t the only thing Tanay has got going for it though. It’s also an incredible place to put down one’s roots. If you’ve got your sights set on settling down here, then you’ll have no trouble finding a perfect residential lot for sale in Tanay, Rizal to build your dream home. The town’s refreshing natural scenery, cool temperatures, and uncongested surroundings are perfect for retirees, migrants, and growing families. 
Despite how idyllic the atmosphere is, it isn’t difficult to break the monotony of everyday life by venturing out to any of Tanay’s many natural attractions that promise plenty of excitement and adventure. There’s also Robinsons Place Tanay, Fishermall Tanay, and Tanay Town Center for all your retail needs. 

A residential lot for sale in Tanay, Rizal can also be used to build an apartment building or a condominium building which can be used as a rental property. These types of commercial properties can provide multiple sources of income, especially in a prime location like Tanay, which is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after residential areas in the province of Rizal. 

Buying A Lot for Sale in Tanay, Rizal
Whether you want to settle down in this quiet provincial town or make the most of its potential, there’s a lot for sale in Tanay, Rizal for your every need. 

A small 140 sq. m. foreclosed residential lot can start at Php 900,000, while a large 1,040 sq. m. residential lot in a gated subdivision costs Php 1,500,000. Sprawling 3,955 sq. m. agricultural lots that can be used for either an agricultural farm or a private residence can sell for Php 4,680,000. For Php 5,000,000, you can get a 448 sq. m. commercial lot situated close to a shopping mall and government building. 

These are just some of the properties and prices that you can expect when looking for the right lot for sale in Tanay, Rizal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an agricultural lot for sale in Tanay, Rizal?
Yes, there are 36 agricultural lots for sale in Tanay, Rizal. Tanay is one of the best places to buy agricultural lots because of how fertile and verdant the area is. 

Is there a residential lot for sale in Tanay, Rizal?
Yes, there are 13 residential lots for sale in Tanay, Rizal. A residential lot can accommodate your own private residence or residential rental property.

Is there a large lot for sale in Tanay, Rizal more than 1,000 square meters?
Yes, there are 51 large lots for sale in Tanay, Rizal more than 1,000 square meters. These lots are excellent for industrial warehouses and extensive commercial complexes.