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Found at the heart of the city, Barangay San Luis is bounded by the barangays of Inarawan from the north, San Jose from the east, and San Isidro from the south and the west.

The barangay, cramped in the western half of the city, is relatively small in area. It is only 503 hectares, the 10th largest among 16 barangays.

As per the latest census (2015), there are 53,230 people living in the barangay, making it the 7th most populous in the city. It is also the city's 7th most densely populated.

The barangay has a number for schools particularly San Luis Elementary School, St. James Community School, Peace Village Elementary School, Marian School Foundation of Antipolo, and Our Lady of Deliverance School - San Luis. Due to Antipolo's rich religious heritage, the barangay is also home to several religious centers like The Center for Biblical Studies and the Antipolo Hills Seventh-Day Adventist Bible Center.


House for sale in San Luis, Antipolo: Powering the city's real estate future

Modern Affordable Houses in San Luis Antipolo RizalAntipolo, in itself, is a major economic powerhouse in this part of Luzon outside the metropolis. It is a highly self-sufficient city with a complete and highly diversified services and production sectors. Its barangays, all 16 of them, contribute to the city's coffers in their own way. Barangay San Luis's specialization is in the real estate sector.

San Luis is home to a wide array of real estate homes types, design-wise and cost-wise. It offers countless choices for anyone wishing to buy a house or rent one. Houses for sale are its most significant and mostly bought products. Since the advent of subdivision development in the city, the barangay has been one of the lucky ones in terms of being the first or being the most developed.

Many houses for sale in San Luis are below P1 million, affordable in every sense. Equally, homes above that price are plenty as well. The cheapest homes are normally single detached homes, or old ones needing massive repairs or improvements. They are usually privately owned homes, far removed from the development capabilities of real estate firms or builders. For homes that cost between a million and P3 million, the choices are plentiful too. A P1.5 million house and lot in a subdivision is a typical model with a size around 60 square meters. These are sold mostly by locally based realtors or smaller firms coming from Metro Manila. Homes costing P2 million may be smaller but have a wider lot. An example is a two-bedroom home in the center of San Luis. The house is only 46 square meters in total floor size but the lot is measured at 72 square meters. Both houses have two bedrooms, a toilet and bath, a living and dining area, and a garage.

Finding homes above P3 million is easy as well. A P3.5 million home along Maguey Road is listed as a two-story duplex home with an area of 85 square meters. Lot area is 95 square meters. It contains four bedrooms, two toilet and bath, a living area, dining area, a kitchen, laundry area, and a garage. Compared to the P1.5 million and P2 million homes above, this house is relatively the same in indoor features. Only the floor and lot size differs.

Since Antipolo is littered with many home types, any home with a price of, say, P7.5 million is an expected find. With three bedrooms and a floor area of 200 square meters, this two-story house has all the desired features and amenities of a big home. To top it all, it is built on a higher portion of the barangay giving a bird's eye view of the main street and the residential community. The house and lot is also surrounded by landscaped gardens and expansive lawns. Community amenities include a clubhouse, muli-purpose hall, fern garden, butterfly sanctuary, ranch-type grounds, playgrounds, jogging trail, swimming pool, basketball court, and a tennis court.

Barangay San Luis is a testament of a real estate boom's prolonged economic benefits. If investment is sustained and managed well, the positive spillover effects from buyer demand and developer supply are self-reinforcing.