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Rimaven In-house Seller
Dau Homesite, Dau
Through the years of continuously seeking and investing on land and properties around the region, R.D. Policarpio & Co. Inc. has finally opened its doors in real estate development by giving birth to Rimaven Properties, Inc. Established in 2008, Rimaven Properties, Inc. is now the flagship company that serves as the property manager and real estate developer of the R.D. Policarpio & Co. Inc. Rooted in the importance of proper planning and in-depth evaluation of housing development and construction, Rimaven Properties, Inc. is committed to provide quality housing projects developed in sustainable communities. Through hard work and continuing research and planning, Rimaven Properties, Inc. has launched many successful socialized and economic housing projects and communities that are well-received by the market. Partnering with the National Housing Authority (NHA), Rimaven Properties, Inc. successfully launched its first project, the Marina Homes, in Tarlac. It was warmly received by the Tarlaquenos and was immediately followed by Villa Siete Grande in Sto. Cristo, Angeles City. With the increasing housing backlog and the growing demand for housing in Central Luzon, Rimaven Properties, Inc. continues to fulfill its national responsibility as a developer by launching more sustainable housing projects in secured communities.
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