Affordable Rent to Own House in the Laid-back Laguna

Laguna offers rent-to-own houses that are accompanied by a laid-back lifestyle and verdant refreshing surroundings.






The prices of rent to own houses in Laguna are as varied as the locales in the province, along with differing between the properties themselves. The municipality of Cabuyao, for example, has the costliest one-bedroom homes, averaging prices of almost Php2 million. Comparatively, San Pedro has less costly one-bedroom homes, with an average price of Php542,000, but its four-bedroom homes is over twice the cost of Cabuyao’s at almost Php5 million.

Laguna is known as the "Resort Province of the Philippines" due to the number of hot springs, lakes, and waterfalls found in the province, along with an unofficial count of about 700 private resorts also in the area.

The home province of Philippines national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, several museums and heritage sites dedicated to his memory and achievements are situated Laguna, most particularly in his birthplace of Calamba.

While the first and oldest printing press can be found in Manila, the second oldest printing press was established in Laguna. The first book printed with it was the first Filipino-Spanish dictionary called the Vocabulario Delengua Tagala.


Rent to Own Houses Near the Resorts of Laguna

Rent to Own House in Laguna

Laguna is located southeast of the Metro and is a hub for culture and history, most embodied by the various heritage sites dedicated to one of its most important contributors to history: Dr. Jose Rizal. Dr. Rizal was a philanthropist, a polyglot, and a medical practitioner who revolted against the Spanish colonizers during their stay in the country. He is also widely known for his two works: Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which are read and studied in history classes all over the country.

Apart from its colourful history and Rizal's heritage, Laguna boasts of several of the most beautiful waterfalls, hundreds of private resorts, and the one and only Laguna de Bay, which is known as one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Southeast Asia. Laguna gets its name from the Spanish word, laguna, which translates to lagoon or lake. The name was utilized mostly as an homage to nearby Laguna de Bay. In fact, the complete name of Laguna, as given by the Spaniards, was La Provincia de la Laguna de Bay. Founded in 1571, Laguna is, perhaps, one of the oldest provinces in the country, aging at well over 400 years.

Buy a Rent-to-Own House in Laguna

Living in a rent to own house in Laguna is arguably one of the best ways to live and invest in the province. Aside from the fact that renting to own, in itself, is particularly advantageous for buyers who want or need to move to a new place but don’t have the finances to buy outright, an address in Laguna also brings additional benefits.

Residing in the province means being of reasonable distance from the hustle and bustle of the Metro Manila, without being inexplicably far from the various industries, businesses, and commercial areas of the capital region. Laguna is a 2 to 3-hour drive from Manila via the South Luzon Expressway, and is approximately an hour or two away from Alabang.

Rent to own houses in Laguna varies in cost. Apart from the size and condition of the home, there is also the particular location within the province to consider. Contract terms may also vary between sellers, but the basic concept of renting to own means that a potential buyer would not have to prepare a lump sum right away, but instead would have to pay monthly rent that is slightly higher than typical rental rate, and agree to buy the home after a specified period of renting it.

There are a number options for those looking for a rent to own house in Laguna given the size of the province overall, and the diversity of each locale within. For those looking for a luxury home close to the metro as well right in the midst of key financial and commercial districts of Laguna, the Nuvali in Sta. Rosa is the place to consider. A five-bedroom, six-bathroom home located in the area is currently available for Php45 million.

On the other hand, a less costly home in Sta. Rosa can also be acquired by choosing beyond Nuvali. Such a property can be found in places like Florencevill Subdivision, which is the location of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home currently valued at Php10 million. A similar two-bedroom home, this time brand-new, is presently on the market for Php13 million, and is located in Calamba, another popular residential destination in Laguna.

Perks of Availing a Rent-to-Own House in Laguna

Laguna Rent to Own Homes

There are benefits that come along with investing in rent-to-own houses in Laguna, particularly for starting families and those who want to move into a more laid-back and suburban neighborhood close to nature and various urban centers.

Here are some of the perks of investing in rent-to-own houses in Laguna for families.

Gradually Investing for Your Dream Home

One advantage of availing rent-to-own houses is that you get to rent your dream house without having to shell out millions in one go and purchase the property.

First-time homebuyers and starting families who aim to move into suburban life with a tight budget can gradually buy their ideal house and lot, making memories and enjoying the amenities that come with it.

Living Close to Resort Facilities

Laguna is known as the "Resort Capital of the Philippines" because of the myriad of hot springs and swimming pool resorts outlining the lush city.

If you are renting to own a house that doesn’t come with resort-like amenities, there is no need to worry. Laguna offers affordable and high-end resorts that cater to all budgets, preferences, and, most importantly, to the recreation and amusement of its visitors.

Living Close to Nature

Another benefit of living in Laguna is being surrounded by thick carpets of trees and various plants and flowers that give off a refreshing breeze.

One goal of living in the suburbs of Laguna is to steer away from the pollution and hectic lifestyle in the city while still being conveniently accessible to many prime establishments in the city.

Laguna is the perfect place for families to enjoy nature and the laid-back and refreshing ambiance it offers.




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