Affordable Rent to Own Condo in Baguio


The city of Baguio reminds you of vacations in the country's summer capital, pine trees, strawberries, vegetables, and walis tambo. The city has been a favorite destination for tourists and residents who love to retreat in this cool mountain resort setting which is equally modern and highly urbanized. But apart from being a vacation destination, Rent-to-Own Condo in Baguio City has also become a thing here.







The Education Center of the North

Rent-to-Own Condos in Baguio City

The city hosts seven major universities, such as the University of the Philippines and St. Louis University. It also has several elementary and high schools, vocational schools, and schools for the handicapped. Educational opportunities have drawn students and their families to the city, with students comprising almost half of the city's population. These schools stand as perfect set in a cool climate conducive for studies, students from other parts of the world—such as South Korea, the Middle East, and Africa—have also enticed many to live and study in Baguio City.

The rise in the population of students creates an opportunity for rental properties such as Rent-to-Own Condo in Baguio City. Limited space and most developments constrained within the outskirts of the city limit the availability of properties for development in the city proper. Mostly old and unsafe have some Baguio locals started to convert their residences into boarding houses. However, mid- to high-income families may prefer better and safer accommodations for themselves and for their children.

A Booming Economy in Baguio

The city's economy is boosted by its agricultural capacities in producing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and handcrafted products. A large retail industry for diverse commercial products is notable through its bustling commercial districts that are often filled with tourists and wholesale buyers. The mining industry also continues to be a contributor in the city's economic growth.

The Baguio City Economic Zone is home to big-named companies like Texas Instruments, LTX Philippines, and other industries. Some outsourcing companies like Sitel and Teleperformance have chosen to relocate their offices in the city as well.

Baguio Lifestyle and Leisure Conveniences

Baguio condo that you can rent to own

Despite being located 1,470 meters above sea level at the Luzon tropical pine forest ecoregion of Northern Luzon, Baguio City is not short in modern-day conveniences. You will find good hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and shopping centers all over the city. There are also parks which offer fun activities for the numerous visitors that come to the city and scenic spots where you can enjoy breathtaking views of nature.

The arts are widely upheld by Baguio locals, and you will find a lot of cultural activities and museums. Baguio City is the first Philippine city to be included in UNESCO's Creative Cities network, owing to its craft and folk-art traditions that continuously thrive despite urbanization. The city's Panagbenga Flower Festival celebrated annually every February attracts millions of visitors who come to adore the creative spirits of the city locals.

Baguio: Safe Place, Friendly Community

Baguio City is a good place to live in not only because of the good climate. It is ranked as 6th place among the 10 Safest Cities in Southeast Asia, with the Police Office having the highest crime resolution rate in 2018. Compared to other cities, it has a low crime rate.

Residents are friendly, helpful, and welcoming to outsiders as they are used to a regular influx of people from all origins.

Potential for Property Appreciation

As the city continues to attract tourists, students, and professionals, an investment in real estate is a good move. Most of the projects are at pre-selling stage as real estate development is just at the onset. This is the best time to buy a condo unit that you can rent out or use for your own vacation.

Progress to Rent-To-Own Opportunity

Seizing an opportunity to Rent-to-Own Condo in Baguio City, would secure you the many advantages as listed above. But, how does rent to own unit progress works?

First, look for a condo unit of your choice. Talk to a real estate agent or broker and consult your chosen property. When you agree with all the things the real estate representative say, you may proceed to signing of agreement. Be very cautious, make sure to read everything before signing.



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