RE/MAX Potter's Hand

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RE/MAX Potter's Hand
Block 2, Lot 10, Phase 6, Sodalite Street, Golden City
We're not all about closing a sale. In the hustle and bustle of our everyday work, we paused and observed something curious: everyone in the industry was so busy trying to close a sale that they weren't solving any real estate problems; much more identify them. Meanwhile, ​technology has been continuously reshaping the way we do our business and our lives. Information is at the tip of everyone's fingertips And yet, why does it seem like nobody still have no clue about real estate? Like a language only known a few? And so we looked and looked. And what we found changed the way we do our service. And instead of hiring salespeople, we hired problem solvers. People who can identify real problems and offer wise solutions. People who can truly help you mold your important decision. We're not about transactions. We're about relationships. We're about solving problems. Whether you're looking to buy a property, looking to sell your property or looking to have a career in real estate, ​we'll find a way for real estate to work for you. We make real estate real simple.
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