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PRODUCTS / SERVICES IN THE PACKAGE  ACTIVE PIG FARM PIGGERY X 4 Buildings; already fitted with different pig pen sizes and drinking spouts. PROPOSED POULTRY BREEDING FARM WITH TUNNEL VENTILATED FACILITY 1 Module of PS Poultry Breeding Farm with Tunnel Ventilated Facility has already been agreed with the owner and San Miguel Foods Inc. ( SMFI) Poultry & Meats Operation.  PROPOSED BUILDINGS: Poultry Breeder House 1, 2, and 3. All Proposed 3 houses will have dimensions of 45ft x 460ft x 7ft.  SUPPORT FACILITIES & EQUIPMENTS REQUIRED: + Feed Warehouse & Shower Room + Farm Office & Staff House + Waste Water Lagoons + Perimeter & Biosecurity Fence SMFI will provide you with copies of SMFI requirements for Poultry Contract Breeder and design for buildings. Please follow strictly the specifications of these requirements and timetable of construction to avoid future problems.  *sensitive details of the contract cannot be disclosed unless you are closing a contract to buy the property.   HIGH SPEC FARM HOUSE / REST HOUSE Floor area to be confirmed; already fitted with air conditioning unit, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures HIGH-SPEC STAFF HOUSE & OUTBUILDINGS  Floor area to be confirmed MANGO FARM with more or less 400 fruit-bearing mango trees; native mango variety ( the exact number of trees & exact number of varieties need to be confirmed for income projection) ORCHARD Bamboo, Santol, Kamias, Chico, Jackfruit FISHPONDS / FISH FARMING The first pond is supplied by spring water while the second pond is fed by the overflowing supply from the first pond GOAT FARMING As the farm is very lush, especially on the slopes beside the fishpond, possible goat farming can also be undertaken. DUCK FARMING As the property features an abundant water supply, duck farming is a very welcome prospect.  TILLABLE LAND/ RICE FARMING The farm has ricefield but need to confirm the exact land area used for this if you are someone looking to get serious in rice farming. Because of the latest Rice Tarrification Law, there isn’t much interest in this at the moment. Perhaps you can convert it to more mango acreage or use it for something else. GATED AND FENCED FARM PROPERTY ACTIVE WATER & ELECTRICITY SUPPLY The property is far from any visible residential properties and therefore is highly sought after for pig and chicken farming.  ZONING FREE We were informed by the owner that the area is currently free of zoning regulations so the owners are free to do poultry/piggery, which a lot of our buyers are looking for. Local regulations can change anytime so it’s best to double-check this during the time of negotiation.  CHEAPER REAL ESTATE TAXES  Buyers rejoice. If you are going to spend money for the same comparable property for the sake of business, you will find that you will have be spending less on business and real estate taxes in Quirino as compared to its more upmarket and expensive Santiago City. So if you do wish to use that extra cash every year, you can develop your farm instead of using it to service your expensive taxes.  This is the advantage of this farm. It has a close proximity to Santiago City without the notorious taxes of the City. You are having the best of both worlds. So between a farm in Santiago City and Quirino Province, go for Quirino. Perhaps reserve your investing in Santiago City for Commercial and Residential because the City is experiencing explosive growth economically.  If you are interested in buying this BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF REAL ESTATE, or have a similar one to offer, we are excited to hear from you.  
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