“These days, with so much traffic and a lot of people on their cell phones and mobile gadgets, I feel like digital marketing has come a long way in serving people’s needs - in helping them find the house for their dreams.”

- Zandro Gonzales, The Innovator

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Mj Jambaro

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As a part-time sale agent and marketing team leader at Green Circle Realty Sales, Inc. - MJ Jambaro is a working mom with one goal: to be financially stable enough to secure a promising future for her family.


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Being a real estate agent for the last 28 years, Paterno has already experienced almost every aspect of the profession—from the traditional ways of marketing real estate to making the digital shift.


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Even as a president of her own real estate company, Elite 8 Property Solutions, Inc., she had yet to fully understand the power and influence digital marketing had on the real estate industry.


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Warren Rafal, an Ilocano nursing graduate, entered Manila with high hopes and aspirations. After spending some time in Manila, he had developed an entrepreneurial mindset and decided that nursing was not for him. He looked to the real estate industry to satisfy his yearning for entrepreneurial success.


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Because of Lamudi, Primehomes was able to tap the digital market, through cost-efficient measures. It has greatly helped its flagship project, Larossa, by generating a generous amount of leads, some of which have been converted into sales.


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Zandro Gonzales is an entrepreneur by heart. He started his career by opening a business which fixes mobile phones and devices. Through his business savvy and willingness to learn and adapt, he was able to open 3 different branches. Later on, he was introduced to the real estate market.