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Aurora Hill Proper, Baguio

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About SAJJ Building

Most of the time, people go to Baguio City for vacation purposes. The city’s chilly climate, refreshing scenery, and lively destinations continue to attract tourists into visiting every year. However, some people want to experience Baguio every day. As a result, some decide to invest in a house or vacant lot in the City of Pines. Some of them decide to start their livelihoods in their new home by putting up a small business or expanding what they’ve worked hard for in the past.

Fortunately, Baguio City has a handful of commercial buildings waiting for business venturers to establish their dream retail store, service office, or co-working space. One of these developments is the SAJJ Building in Rimando Street at the heart of Barangay Aurora Hill Proper.

Why is SAJJ Building a Perfect Choice for You?

SAJJ Building is one of the commercial developments offering spaces for lease in Aurora Hill Proper, Baguio City. It has four stories, with the first floor housing a convenience store and the building’s management office. The upper floors currently house other businesses that offer staycations and rentals for tourists. With SAJJ Building hosting various enterprises, you’ll know that renting its commercial space will be worth your investment.

SAJJ Building’s strategic location might also convince you to rent a unit and let your business thrive. Being at the heart of Barangay Aurora Hill Proper, SAJJ Building gives its future tenants access to prime establishments such as convenience stores, eateries, retail shops, and government offices.

Businesses you may consider putting up are tutorial and review centers, themed cafes, art studios, or co-working spaces. These establishments cater to many people’s interests, and the walkability of Aurora Hill Proper will make your future clients feel like they are taken care of properly.

SAJJ Building Features and Amenities

SAJJ Building in Aurora Hill Proper, Baguio City has a simple, contemporary architectural theme. While its design may seem plain, it is easy to find among the array of commercial development buildings. It also has basement parking to accommodate more vehicles.

To date, a hotel housed in SAJJ Building is sold for Php 145 million. Interested tenants may consider buying the hotel and remodeling it into a rental inn for tourists and professionals looking for a more conducive work-from-home environment.

Highlights of the Development

SAJJ Building for rent may seem like a typical commercial building that outlines busy streets in Baguio City. However, it is one of the developments that highlight Baguio’s urban growth. As a commercial space, it hosts businesses that offer all sorts of services and conveniences to the people of Baguio. Future enterprises that will rent SAJJ Building’s units will also contribute to the ideal lifestyle in Baguio City. In turn, these businesses will have more profit and provide high-quality services to many people.

About Baguio City

Baguio City is a prime destination and metropolis in the heart of the Cordillera region. The city is known as the City of Pines due to its thicket of pine trees. The city’s verdant greens make it a favorite nature respite in the Cordillera region.

Being the center of trade, commerce, education, and tourism of Benguet province, Baguio City offers many opportunities for those seeking greener pastures elsewhere. Baguio has a handful of infrastructure and sustainability projects under development. In the future, these new establishments will contribute to Baguio’s urban growth and maintain its natural integrity.

Nearest Landmarks

SAJJ Building is a commercial development located in Rimando Road in Barangay Aurora Hill Proper Baguio City. Future tenants will be close to the bustling Bokawkan Road, and these landmarks are near the commercial development:

· Iglesia ni Cristo - Lokal ng Aurora Hill Proper

· Aurora Hill Baptist Church

· Aurora Hill Proper Barangay Hall

· Doña Aurora Elementary School

· Trancoville Talipapa

· Pines City College

· Pines City General Hospital

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Available Listing on this Project

Oyo Hotel for Sale in Baguio City

Aurora Hill Proper, Baguio
OYO HOTEL Asking Price:Php 145M All in 1. Lot area is 397 sqr meters 2. Total floor area is approximately 2250 sqr meters 3. 6 commercial spaces available for rent. Existing tenants (Palawan express, laundry, grocery). Coming soon: Pet Grooming shop, and Sabon Depot 4. 10 residential units under OYO hotel. Units are studio type room,1 bedroom unit, 2 bedroom unit. Pre-COVID income P290k guaranty pay. At present revenue sharing 75% owner 25% OYO and online platform since Oct. 2020, monthly gross income P150k. Building is 5 years old. 5. 10 dorm type rooms with common kitchen and cr. (ave rate P5500/ unit for long term) 6. 3 dorm type rooms with common kitchen and cr. (ave. rate P8000/ unit for long term) 7. Car park: 2 slot in front of bldg. 8 slots inside the bldg. 8. *basement warehouse / bodega and bakery *basement mezzanine parking, 1 commercial space *ground floor: 4 commercial space and admin office *2nd floor: 1 commercial space , 4 residential units under OYO, 5 bedroom dorm type *3rd floor: 6 residential units under OYO , 7 bedroom dorm type * 4th floor: main house w/ multipurpose hall, swimming pool, theater room, laundry room, 1 guest room, maids quarters, powder room, dirty and formal kitchen, * 5th floor: 5 bedrooms * CCTV and 60kva 100% gen. set power during brownout 30% spot cash down payment and 70% thru Bank financing
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Project ID 5881 Last updated on: 07/28/2021
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