Arado, Burauen

About the project

About the Camella Palo Community
Camella Palo by Vista Land &  Lifescapes, Inc. is a neighborhood in Arado, Palo that is rich in  culture and brimming with potential.

Why Camella Palo Is a Perfect Choice for You
If  you are looking to experience a lifestyle that is a cut above the rest,  Camella Palo is the up-and-coming neighborhood for you. With several  schools, malls, and hospitals within its vicinity, this community is  perfect for families, students, professionals, and more.

The  houses and lots available at Camella Palo for sale are offered at  affordable prices. To top it all off, every resident of Camella Palo  gains access to a vast array of amenities that everyone will surely  love.

Camella Palo Features and Amenities
At Camella Palo in  Arado, Palo, each resident can rest easy knowing that they are receiving  round-the-clock security services through CCTVs. You can live  comfortably with the assurance that your loved ones are safeguarded from  those who would harm them.

Special/Highlights Section of the Development
Aside  from keeping you safe, Camella Palo offers a broad range of  family-friendly amenities, so that you and your loved ones can have fun  and enjoy all the modern conveniences you deserve. You can take a stroll  around the neighborhood, bring your kids to the playground, throw a  party at a gazebo, and more.

Other Camella Palo Features
Whether  you are celebrating a birthday or hosting an event, the Camella Palo  pavilion is a great venue for various social functions.

Let  your children run around and play with their friends at the playground.  They can develop social skills, form bonds with other kids, and most  importantly, have fun.

Much like the pavilion, the  gazebo is an amazing spot to throw a party and hold various events. It  also serves as a great spot to hide from the glare of the sun, hang out  with friends, and meet up with your loved ones.

Basketball Court
Shooting  some hoops with your neighbors is a great way of making new friends.  Drop by the basketball court, meet some people, and have some fun!

About Arado, Palo
Arado,  Palo is a culturally rich neighborhood in Leyte. In the town of Palo,  Gen. Douglas MacArthur returned to the Philippines to liberate and  recapture the country during the Japanese occupation. Today, historic  markers such as statues have been installed to commemorate these  significant events in Leyte. Visit the MacArthur Leyte Landing Memorial  National Park to learn more.

If you want to see an example of  great architecture or just say a prayer, the Transfiguration of Our Lord  Cathedral in Leyte is the tourist spot for you.

About Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc.
As  one of the leaders in the home building industry, Vista Land &  Lifescapes, Inc. works tirelessly to provide people from all  socio-economic classes with high-quality houses. Vista Land is the  proprietor of widely known property development brands such as Camella.  Today, Vista Land continues to develop real estate to ensure that  individuals and families across the country have access to homes that  meet their needs.

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Arado, Burauen

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