The Innovator

“The experience with Lamudi has been so great. In fact, from our meager budget, we increased our spending in Lamudi a couple
times over because I’m so confident that Lamudi will be able to deliver and true to their commitment to us, they’re really
delivering a lot of clients.”


Zandro Gonzales is an entrepreneur by heart. He started his career by opening a business which fixes mobile phones and devices. Through his business savvy and willingness to learn and adapt, he was able to open 3 different branches. Later on, he was introduced to the real estate market.

Once he started in the real estate industry, he grew frustrated doing traditional marketing. He recalled those days being a “pre-historic” time in the real estate industry. So, he looked for alternative solutions to sell his properties. This is when he found out about Lamudi. Ever since then, Zandro has been an active user of and has continually increased his budget allocation - reassuring his confidence in the real estate platform.

“These days, with so much traffic and a lot of people on
their cell phones and mobile gadgets, I feel like digital marketing
has come a long way in serving people’s needs - in helping them
find the house for their dreams.”



Zandro was not new to owning a business. He knew when to adapt to the trends and when to change his marketing strategies. Once he saw the power that digital had, especially in the real estate industry, he was determined to find a way to maximize all the tools available there. He came to a realization when he was researching about his competition and the industry. The number one search option in Google was always Lamudi. So, he came to a conclusion to test the services provided by the real estate portal and see what it is all about.

Three years later, Zandro finds himself already training his staff on how to use the Lamudi platform and how to maximize all of its tools. “I’m not sure how you guys do it” Zandro reiterated as he narrated his continuous increase of leads the past few months. He emphasized how digital marketing has bridged the gap between finding the right property, talking to the right people, and negotiating the right price.

Increase in productivity

More leads