The Pioneer

“Lamudi became the bridge between us brokers and the clients.
Without Lamudi there is no way for me to tap those clients.
Lamudi gave us an avenue to be more productive on a daily basis.”


Warren Rafal, an Ilocano nursing graduate, entered Manila with high hopes and aspirations. After spending some time in Manila, he had developed an entrepreneurial mindset and decided that nursing was not for him. He looked to the real estate industry to satisfy his yearning for entrepreneurial success.

As a person who had come to Manila to meet his online friends, Warren was no stranger to the power of digital. He knew that there was more to the internet than just meeting new people. From the onset, he already realized he could find potential clients this way. Armed with this mindset, he found out about Lamudi. He was among the first real estate brokers to use the platform to grow their businesses.

“Instead of spending the entire afternoon standing around
and giving flyers in malls, why not just post an advertisement in Lamudi.
It’s more productive than traditional marketing.”



Thanks to Lamudi, Warren helped contribute his company’s increase in sales. He did this by successfully establishing a professional connection between him and his clients. Warren emphasized that without Lamudi, he would never have been able to meet and convert most of his online clients.

Warren reiterated that the thing real estate brokers and agents dislike the most are “bogus buyers” (buyers and clients who don’t push through with their promises). He emphasized how he prevented this since Lamudi only brought him credible and closable buyers.

Increase of Company Sales

Of His Current Sales Come from Lamudi