Partner Story

Raffy Siapco

The Team Player

Rafael Siapco is a veteran real estate practitioner. Once he saw the huge potential in the Philippine real estate industry, he decided to make use of his PRC license and opened up his own brokerage, RS Properties Manila. Being able to widen your network, collaborating with other brokers, and getting rewarded for working hard are some of the many reasons Raffy decided that the real estate business was perfect for him.

Being a veteran in the real estate industry means that he was able to experience practicing both traditional and digital methods of marketing. He explains that despite being a really effective form of doing real estate, traditional marketing was just too outdated. He decided that if he wants to take the next step for his business, he had to go digital. That’s when Lamudi knocked on his doorstep.

“Traditional marketing takes a lot of time. When you’re doing digital marketing, it’s as if I have additional manpower generating leads for me and my company.”

- Raffy Siapco, The Team Player

When Raffy started his brokerage, he described it as being a “one-man show” with him being in charge of generating the leads, doing the trippings, and closing the sales. Through Lamudi, he was able to expand his team and even own his very first office space. “My experience with Lamudi has just been awesome. Without Lamudi, we wouldn’t be as big as we are now. It’s really been a big contribution to us.”





Though Lamudi, he is not only getting quality leads. He is also getting more properties to list because property owners come to their brokerage to seek help in selling their properties--something he’s only been able to experience on Lamudi.

“The demand for real estate in the Philippines is very aggressive,” says Raffy. “I urge all my co-real estate brokers to take advantage of the opportunity and take your business online.”