The Expert

“With the advertisement I first bought,
prospects were coming in—in folds.
After one month, I already closed a sale.”

Paterno Ferrer

Paterno Ferrer started out as an engineer but fell in love with the idea of helping others find their dream homes. Being a real estate agent for the last 28 years, Paterno has already experienced almost every aspect of the profession—from the traditional ways of marketing real estate to making the digital shift.

“A broker nowadays has no choice but to go digital.
If you want to meet competition head on, you need to go digital.”

The Expert


Thanks to Lamudi, he was able to expand his client database and even get a kickstart in having an international online presence, Today, Paterno is generating quality leads and closing sales in the comfort of his home.

With the first ad Paterno bought from Lamudi, the number of his clients increased significantly. In the first few weeks from the start of his contract, he was already able to secure a sale. Paterno emphasized that Lamudi not only helped ease his marketing costs but also increased the quality leads he generates.