The Entrepreneur

“The traditional way still works but you should go for something more targeted, more on point, and will give you more productivity. Go with Lamudi.”


Jamicha Villanueva, a simple Boholano woman, had dreams of making it big in the real estate industry. Even as a president of her own real estate company, Elite 8 Property Solutions, Inc., she had yet to fully understand the power and influence digital marketing had on the real estate industry.

She had a dream of owning her own farm in time for her retirement—to eventually live a laid-back lifestyle, away from the chaotic city. She never expected to achieve this dream in just three short months after joining Lamudi.

“When we joined Lamudi, we not only reached our goal,
we also exceeded it. We increased our productivity tremendously and
it was a great leap from before and after we joined Lamudi.”

The Entrepreneur


Thanks to Lamudi, Elite 8’s company sales were better than ever—with both Jamicha and her associates reaping the benefits of the online real estate marketing.

With a mere free ad with Lamudi, Jamicha was able to beat the productivity of the multiple ads she had on social media. In three months, Jamicha already managed to update assets of the company and achieve her dream of owning a farm.

From having slow days in the past, today, there is hardly a day where she isn’t showing a property to new clients—all thanks to Lamudi.

Increase of Sales

Increase in Productivity