Partner Story

Evelyn Samaniego

The Partner

Before Evelyn Samaniego became who she was today, she was faced with a choice: either become an overseas Filipino worker or try her hand in sales. She decided to bet on herself and start a career path in the real estate business once she found out she had a knack for sales.

She started her career with Phinma Properties and Right Angle Properties, selling condos and townhouses, respectively. Success didn’t come instantly, but once she got the ball rolling, she was able to make a respectable living out of it, selling almost 100 condo units and a couple of townhouses. Despite the sales she was receiving, she couldn’t help but think about all the time she wasted flyering and manning so she looked for online alternatives. That’s when she found out about Lamudi.

“Lamudi is my partner in real estate. Without Lamudi, you'd still be seeing me in my manning area. So that's what I'm most thankful for, that they helped me to succeed in real estate.”

- Evelyn Samaniego, The Partner

Evelyn wasn’t just looking to save more time in real estate -- she wanted to find a partner who can assist her in all her online marketing needs. When she first saw Lamudi in an event she attended, she was instantly attracted to the business proposal. She signed up for a year and the rest is history.





A few years later, Evelyn is now a multi-awarded broker snagging multiple performance awards, as well as Lamudi’s coveted Broker of the Year Award for Luzon for 2 years in a row.

“I don't need to do any manning or flyering anymore,” Evelyn says as she narrates how much time she has been able to save since joining Lamudi. Through Lamudi, Evelyn has taken her real estate brand online, expanding her market to an international level.