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Pangasinan Is the Northern Gate of Luzon

Farmlot for Sale for Your Local Crops

Known as the Northern Gate of Luzon, Pangasinan is the place where most travelers pass by when going further to the Cordilleras or the Ilocos Region with some even noting that this point is the last place where one sees any semblance of urbanization before arriving to the sparsely populated areas of Northern Luzon.

Pangasinan is bordered by the Cordillera Mountains to the west, the Zambales Ranges to the south, and the Provinces of Tarlac and Nueva Ecija to the southwest. The Lingayen Gulf north of the province has a historical significance, and is one of the most popular tourist and leisure spots in the country.

Apart from its geographic diversity, Pangasinan has been endowed with rich agricultural resources, which serve as the major income-generating livelihood for most of its residents. Pangasinan has an important aqua-culture industry, whose main produce is the renowned boneless bangus (or deboned milkfish); this fish species is well-loved in Pangasinan that Dagupan, one of its major cities, has a festival devoted to it.

The tourism industry of Pangasinan is also exciting. The province boasts of sites frequented by both local and foreign tourists. One of them is the Hundred Islands National Park in the city of Alaminos, a protected marine area comprising 124 coral islands and islets. If you are of the religious type, then a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag should be a breeze when you live around the area.

Its people, too, are quite remarkable. The Pangasinenses are notably warm and hospitable toward others, but what makes them distinctive is that their culture is colorful mixture of those surrounding them. Many Pangasinenses speak Ilocano, while a good number of also speak Tagalog, Kapampangan, and the local language, Pangasinense.

Pangasinan Properties for Sale

Beach Lot for Your Beach House in Pangasinan

Pangasinan presents prospective property buyers with countless possibilities. With its ample coastline and attractive beaches, the province is bound to attract tourists both foreign and local. To top that Pangasinan boasts of a highly skilled workforce, who is very much adaptable to the fast changing times. Finally, being strategically located, the province’s seaports and highways provide adequate transportation links for incoming and outgoing produce and visitors. Truly, there is a good reason to buy and own a piece of Pangasinan.

One example of an attractive lot for sale in Pangasinan is a 23 hectare farmland in the town of Umingan, which borders the province of Nueva Ecija. This titled farmland is currently on offer for PHP 25.3 million. Another available property for sale is an 80 hectare farmland in the municipality of Mabinine, just south of Alaminos City. This property is currently listed for PHP 16 million.  

If commercial real estate is the preferred business, then Pangasinan’s big cities are the places to be. One example is a 1,200 square meter commercial/residential lot in the Poblacion area of Lingayen, which is currently listed for PHP 25 million. This property will be a perfect spot for a commercial building or for a small development of house and lots for sale in Pangasinan.