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Arayat Pampanga as the Ideal Location to Buy a House and Lot below 2 million

Arayat is a landlocked first-class municipality in Pampanga with a total land area of 138.48 square kilometers, which constitutes 6.72% of the province’s total area. Before the Spaniards came, Arayat was known as “Balayan ning Pambuit”, an early settlement that was originally located at Barrio Panlinglang. Later on, the town was renamed “Dayat” which means irrigated farmlands.

The town of Arayat is situated at the foothill of Mount Arayat, which stands in the center of the Central Luzon Plain. According to legends, Mount Arayat is the home of the beautiful fairy named Maria Sinukuan, who protects the mountain’s flora and fauna. At the foot of the mountain lies Mt. Arayat National Park, whose recreational halls, picnic sheds, swimming facilities are visited by the tourists all year round.

Unlike Metro Manila and other big cities, the town of Arayat provides a much more calming and relaxing vibe. With its closeness to nature, the town is ideal for those who prefer living a quieter lifestyle, away from the busyness of the metro. One of the perks of living in this town is that you can buy anything for a much cheaper price- even the prices of residential properties. For as low as 2 million or less, one can already buy their own house and lot. 


Affordable House and Lot for Sale in Bacolor Pampanga below 2 million

For the price range of 2 million pesos and below, homebuyers can own either a bungalow type or a 2-story house unit perfect for small to medium-sized families. Apart from this, buyers have choices on whether to buy a new development, a pre-owned house that’s usually fully furnished, or a foreclosed property. 


What would a buyer expect when buying a house and lot below 2 million?

Typically, the house units are already semi-furnished and have 2 to 3 bedrooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining area, a small laundry area, a balcony, and a garage. Residents can also enjoy the subdivision’s amenities, such as basketball court, clubhouse, playground, jogging path, and mini-park, at no extra cost. 

Once the homebuyers have decided which unit to buy, they are required to settle the reservation fee and down payment. The amount depends on the broker or property developer, but they usually offer flexible payment terms and financing options. 


Why Should Homebuyers Consider Buying a House and Lot in Arayat Pampanga?

Living in Arayat means you will get to enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking view of Mt. Arayat during your morning run or walk. Plus, who doesn’t love traffic-free roads? Apart from this, it will bring you closer to nature. Residents can visit several tourist attractions such as Mt. Arayat National Park, Gintung Pakpak Eco Park, Banal A Bunduc Dalan Ning Krus, and Nabao Lake. A hike in Mt. Arayat sounds a good idea too. 

In terms of accessibility, residents can easily access local public markets and grocery stores if they need to buy their everyday essentials. There are hospitals that the residents can visit for those who need medical attention, such as Arayat Doctors Hospital, Lingap General Hospital, Holy Trinity General Hospital, Dr. Emigdio C. Cruz Sr. Memorial Hospital, Dr. Wilfredo G. Cortez Hospital Inc., and Gonzales Children’s Clinic. The town has several educational institutions too that provide primary to secondary education.

There are jeepneys and tricycles across town if one needs to visit Arayat’s neighboring towns or cities. There are provincial buses as well if the residents need to travel to Manila and Pampanga’s nearby provinces. 


Investment Opportunities in Arayat Pampanga

Investing in real estate is always a good idea as you will get a stable cash flow every month, excellent returns, and passive income. 

Property seekers should buy residential property for investment purposes, such as a house and lot in Arayat, while the prices are still low. 


Work Opportunities in Arayat Pampanga

Those who want to put up their own business can supply Arayat’s significant products such as corn, rice grains, mangoes, and fingerlings or popularly known as tilapia. 

Those who are looking for job opportunities can explore nearby cities like San Fernando, Angeles, and Clark, where big manufacturing companies and different business hubs are situated.