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Two Bedroom Apartment Fully Furnished

5 Reasons to Choose Pampanga over Metro Manila

Metro Manila, the country’s National Capital Region, is brimming with life and opportunities. This is the number one reason why many Filipinos from around the archipelago are flocking to Metro Manila for a taste of success and progress. However, just like most of the busy and densely inhabited capitals of the world, living in Manila has its fair share of disadvantages. Fortunately, next wave cities are emerging from all corners of the Philippines and majority of them can now be considered as perfect alternatives to the capital.

One viable residential haven is Pampanga in Central Luzon. Here are some good points that will illustrate how Pampanga fares compared to Manila.

Less Traffic

Undeniably, traffic is plaguing Metro Manila and hinders most activities in the city. The vehicle-populated capital affects the daily life of employees and businesses alike. So instead of dealing with this nightmare every single day, why not explore other cities that can offer competitive trade with less traffic?

Since Pampanga is less congested than Manila, lesser commuters and private vehicle owners will flood the streets. This means spending your time more leisurely, and you will have a lot of opportunities for doing other things, such as bonding with your family.

Lower Costs

Residential options in Pampanga are obviously more affordable than in the capital region. Manila as the center of business offers higher leasing prices compared to provincial residential spaces. Value-for-money apartments for rent in Pampanga can be acquired for lower prices per month.

Aside from shelter, other necessities are abundant in the province. You can feast your senses in the various gastronomic delights of the province, as it isn’t tagged as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines for nothing. As a plus, a wide array of export items can be bought for lower prices in Pampanga.

High Quality of Living

The laid back rural lifestyle of Pampanga is a welcome change compared to the fast-paced living offered in the Metro. More trees and less pollution will greet you as you attend to your daily activities or go to your office. Locals and tourists can both enjoy the beauty of the location free from fear as lower crime rates are reported as compared to the concrete jungle that is Metro Manila.

Apartment for Rent: Pampanga & Its Housing Options

Angeles Pampanga Rowhouses for Rent

In Pampanga you can enjoy simple pleasures like relaxing on your porch while feeling the fresh breeze with the best-tasting “halo-halo” in hand. There are plenty of opportunities to live this life in Pampanga, thanks to the province’s numerous available apartments. If searching for that perfect Pampanga apartment for rent may sound daunting, let us walk you through your options.

The best place to start your search will be in Angeles City. As the most populous city, it is also home to a large number of subdivisions and neighborhoods, many of which offer plenty of apartments for rent. One example is a two-bedroom rowhouse located in the Balibago area, which is currently listed for PHP 8,500 per month.

Pricier but bigger options are available in other neighborhoods, such as Malabanias, where a two-bedroom newly built townhouse unit can be had for PHP 35,000 per month. Other areas where an apartment for rent in Pampanga can found include Mabalacat, Porac, and San Fernando.