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NO JOINT VENTURES PROPOSAL. Our property is located in Ocamocam Beach - New Busuanga, BUSUANGA Island, PALAWAN Province , and is one of the emerging tourist destination on the island of Busuanga . Ocamocam beach is a top destination you can find in all the tourist packages offered by the local tourist agencies. It is reachable by car within 50 mins from the Coron airport.Our beach property is more than 31,000 squared meters big and it consists of 10 fully titled lots facing the sunset. It is the ideal location for a high-end resort development . Right in front of our property there is a 120 mt. long clear sand beachfront and on the back side there is a portion of a small hill. The land has lots of greens from palm trees, coconut and fruit trees to tropical flowers and plants. Our property is undoubtedly located in a very prime spot and is for sure the best location you can find in the whole of Ocamocam beach , which is more than 1km long. All the other properties on Ocamocam beach are smaller than ours and are no longer available for sale. They are mainly owned by foreigners. The first advantage in buying our property, especially for non Filipino citizens, is that we can sell the whole Corporation, which is the owner of the land. This will make the whole process of buying land in the Philippines much easier and will also make the procedure of the transfer of the property titles a mere formality as the buyer of the Corporation will automatically be also the owner of the land. This is highlighted here because the procedure of the transfer of the property titles can be very difficult and time consuming in the Philippines. We experienced that our own how problematic it can be. In addition to that, our property titles are clean, taxes are all paid , no tenants , no adverse ownership claims by other parties and we can definitely demonstrate you that there is absolutely no risk for anyone who is interested in buying our property.The second big advantage is that we have already a fully approved plan to build a resort. In fact, on our property we have already 3 high standards concrete bungalows built . Our building permits are 100% correct and complete and this will allow the potential buyer to start building the resort on the same day he will buy the property. This is definitely a huge advantage considering that , with the actual situation in the Philippines , to obtain such building permits it took us almost two years of very complicated procedures both in Coron and Puerto Princesa. And , according to the latest information on our hands and due to the recent Presidential decisions on the matter of tourism sustainability , the DENR office has now an even stricter policy regarding the issue of such new permits. You can definitely believe us , this is a very big plus that will allow you to save time, money and patience too.Electricity and fresh water are already available and we have also a fresh water source inside our property that is used as a backup during the dry season.There is a telephone and internet signal on the beach. However, we have a private satellite antenna for our internet usage. On the 12th March 2019 the airport of Busuanga Island ( in Coron ) has initiated his transformation to became International. This is a major game changer as in two years time this airport will be able to be utilised by bigger aircraft . The numbers of tourists visiting the island will increase exponentially . This is the best time to buy a property on the island before prices will skyrocket ! 
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Lot for Sale In Coron , Palawan Slice a piece of your own paradise in the only exclusive and first class subdivision in coron, Palawan... for only P18k a month (US$ 352)! Lot Area: 175 sq.m -400 sq.m Price:  P2,450,000 (US$ 48,237) Only 35-45 mins from Manila to Busuanga Airport, and 20mins via land travel through Busuanga National road to Fernvale.  Located in the most beautiful island in the world for 3x in a row by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Our developer is very flexible and can also customize for you your own taste of Modern Asian design home based on your target budget and layout that you like. ***For Foreigners, Fernvale lots are Now Available For Long Term Lease up to 75 years renewable contract, and b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. . And still once you are fully paid, the developer will give you the title of the property, so you can have it as your lifetime personal use. You have two options:  a. Thru 75 years renewable lease contract  b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property.  Whereas, at present Philippine law does not allow direct foreign ownership of Philippine land, but does not prevent perpetual use and possession of the same by a foreign national; Upon the Buyer’s complete payment and fulfillment of its part of this Contract, the Buyer, its heirs, assigns, and successors-in-interest, shall have the right to the irrevocable, permanent, full, and exclusive right to the use and possession of the Lot, and the Seller shall defend the Buyer’s right from all manner of adverse claims. Subject to the condition that Philippine law shall allow, or shall have been amended to as low the legal transfer of title to the Vendee’s name. Hurry! Limited lots are only available! Pls call us now...
Fernvale Coron is an exclusive high-end master-planned and integrated live-work-play community in Coron, Palawan.Fernvale is located in the world-renowned travel destination called Coron, on Busuanga Island in the province of Palawan, in the Philippines.Fernvale is located in the most upscale part of Coron, along the National Highway, a short hop away from the key places there: 10 minutes from the city center 30 minutes from the airport 15 minutes from the port 10 minutes from the boat station (for island hopping and cruises)Because Palawan is the most beautiful part of the Philippines and the favored destination for travelers from all over the world.Palawan’s islands have been declared several times already as among the most beautiful islands in the world, and Coron by a large measure is the crown jewel of this paradise.Coron is now a rising global tourist destination. Its economy is doing very, and land values are expected to appreciate rapidly for the next 10 to 20 years. This is the right time to buy, when prices are still affordable.Coron is now well-connected to the rest of the world. It has its own airport, served by 3 airlines, with 6 to 12 flights daily depending on the season. This airport is programmed for expansion, and will be upgraded to an international airport in the future. Coron is now a port of call for international cruise ships and yachts.Coron is the ideal location for your vacation home. Unlike other vacation spots in the Philippines, Coron has many diverse attractions. From under the sea to the top of its mountains. Whether for just chilling out or for that adrenaline rush. The area has 400 islands and islets, each one offering a unique attraction. Name your thrill and Coron has something for you.Fernvale will ultimately have a total area of 35 hectares, comprising of 5 development phases.* Phase 1, the classic subdivision project, named “Fernvale Village”, is 17 hectares. This is the phase we are selling now in the form of lots, with house option.The succeeding phases are:* Phase 2, the low-rise condo component, to be called “Fern Hotel & Residences” will be on a 4 hectare lot, including its middle promenade to be called “The Promenade”. The now-open Fernvale Leisure Club will be part of condo complex. This project will sell condominium units with hotel income option.* Phase 3, the sea-oriented component, to be named “Fern-by-the-Sea” will be 7 hectares. It will have leasable lots for tourism and leisure establishments, condo units for sale, and the exclusive membership-only Fernvale Boat Club.* Phase 4, the sports and river-oriented, to be named “The Riverwalk”, will be 5 hectares. This will comprise of the river greenway, a resort, the Fernvale Sports Club, and condo units for sale.* Phase 5, the proposed mid-rise condo resort on the mountain slope across the highway, will be 3 hectares, including its commercial front to be called “Uptown Coron”.Even more phases may be added in the future. What is the time-frame of the development? (updated Feb 2017)There is no rigid timetable because a lot depends on how rapid the sales will be. Phase 1 is practically complete, and the underground electricity is in progress