Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I submit a nomination?

Simply go to the Awards page, hover over the category you want to submit a nomination for, and click on the Nominate Now button to fill out the nomination form. Once you have completed the nomination form, your nomination will be officially submitted.

2. Can I edit a nomination after I have submitted it?

Nominations can be edited until the deadline of submissions (June 15th). In order to edit your submission, please refer to the Contact Us section to get in touch with Lamudi and receive assistance. After June 15th, it will no longer be possible to edit nominations.

3. Do I have to pay to submit nominations?

No, there is is no nomination fee, regardless of the number of nominations you submit.

4. How many nominations can I submit? Can I submit nominations in more than one category?

You can submit as many nominations as you wish in all the award categories of The Outlook 2018. All the submitted nominations will be then evaluated and shortlisted by our panel of judges.

5. Is it possible to nominate a project that won an award at The Outlook 2017?

No. This exclusion criterion aims to guarantee the variety of award winners over time.

6. Can I pay to win an award?

No. Winners were determined through a fair process that involves shortlisting by our independent panel of judges, and then voting later on by Lamudi property searchers.

7. What is the nomination shortlisting and voting process?

Between June 15th and July 1st, all the nominations in each award category were reviewed and evaluated by our independent panel of judges . The judges scored each nomination based on predefined category-specific score sheets, which took into account the relevant criteria to determine the best entries within each award category. For further information on the shortlisting process, please refer to the Judges.

The shortlisted nominations were surveyed among thousands of Lamudi property seekers, according to their search interests, which then determined the winners for each category. The winners of the Commercial category, as well as the Grand Awards winners, were directly determined by our independent panel of judges.

8. When will the shortlisted nominations be notified?

The award-winning candidates are the 3 entries out of the shortlisted nominations that will receive the highest votes (either by the survey respondents or by our panel of judges, according to the award category). If your nomination is further shortlisted as a candidate, you will receive an official invitation from Lamudi to participate in The Outlook 2018 Gala by October 2018.

9. If a nomination doesn't pass the shortlisting process or doesn't win the award, can I submit it again next year?

Yes, as long as your nomination falls within the award categories of The Outlook 2019, you will be allowed to submit it again.

10. When and where were the award winners announced?

The award winners were announced during The Outlook 2018 gala, a black-tie event held at Makati Shangri-La hotel on November 15th. In addition to awarding the real estate excellences of 2018, the Outlook gala hosted speeches from industry thought leaders, thereby offering an unparalleled opportunity for discussion and knowledge sharing on the latest real estate trends. For more information on The Outlook 2018 gala, visit The Outlook Gala.