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Modern Houses in Nueva VizcayaIn Nueva Vizcaya, you’ll find beauty in simplicity. This landlocked province is the gateway to the Cagayan Valley, blessed as it is with fertile lands, mountains, caves, and waterfalls. It’s also a top producer of crops, cattle, and swine. If you purchase a property for sale in Nueva Vizcaya and make a home of the place, you’ll discover how a simple province can reward you with a vibrant life.

The New Vizcaya

The early Spaniards named Nueva Vizcaya after the Spanish coastal province of Vizcaya. Unlike its namesake, however, Nueva Vizcaya has no coastline. Instead, it has a sea of fertile land fit for growing high-demand crops and towering mountains. It consists of 15 municipalities, with Bayombong as its capital.

Its topography also gives way to a vast network of rivers, streams, and creeks. The Magat River and its four tributaries, Matuno, Sta. Cruz, Sta. Fe, and Marang, traverse the province and provide irrigation and hydroelectric power.

A Myriad of Economic Opportunities

Novo Vizcayanos enjoy a strong agricultural economy. They produce around 250,000 metric tons of rice. They supply root crops, vegetables, fruits, fish, cattle, carabaos, hogs, chicken, and ducks. The oranges and mangoes, moreover, are exported to neighboring Asian countries.

The people also invest in agri-production, wood carving, tourism and hospitality, weaving, manufacturing, and construction. Nueva Vizcaya’s countless micro, small, and medium businesses are a testament to its healthy market climate. Trust that numerous job opportunities await you here.

Top-Notch Education

Homes you can buy in Nueva VizcayaNueva Vizcaya’s educational institutions prepare its youth to make a mark in various fields. The Philippine Science High School Cagayan Valley Campus in Bayombong, for instance, gears its students to be competent scientists and mathematicians who’ll serve the country. The Nueva Ecija State University, meanwhile, pass on its excellence in science and technology.

Other top schools include the Saint Mary’s University in Bayombong and the Aldersgate College in Solano, which produce leaders and learners who’ll drive Nueva Vizcaya forward.

The Joy of Social Gatherings

Nueva Vizcaya’s biggest festival, the Ammungan, is proof of the people’s love for social gatherings. The name itself is the Gaddang word for “gathering.” The festival is a celebration of the province’s ethnic diversity. After all, Nueva Vizcaya is home to at least 18 indigenous peoples, including the Ifugaos, Gaddangs, Isinai, Dumagat, Kalanguya, and Bugkalot. The Ammungan promotes the peaceful co-existence of the people, their cultural heritage, and their collaboration for the betterment of Nueva Vizcaya.

Although it’s a simple and peaceful province, life here is neither boring nor dull. If you move to a house for sale in Nueva Vizcaya, you’ll celebrate diversity, take advantage of lucrative opportunities, and live a vibrant life. Browse our listings today.