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Lots for sale in Nueva Ecija

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Nueva Ecija, a landlocked province north of Metro Manila, is known as the Rice Granary of the Philippines. Named by Spanish colonizers after the city of Ecija, Spain, the province is largely a flatland forming the northern floodplains of the Rio Grande de Pampanga, yet hilly and mountainous on its northern (Caraballo Mountains) and eastern (Sierra Madre Mountains) borders.

Thanks to the great river that runs through it, Nueva Ecija has remained a highly agricultural province. Among its first residents were river settlers (Ilongots), then later, ethnic Malays. Spanish rule turned the province into a de facto free land, and it eventually became a site of various territorial battles and evangelical missions. Nueva Ecija was also a part of the tobacco monopoly in the 1700s, which was an effort to mirror the success of the country’s sister colony, Mexico.

Common among the colonized were insurgencies were replete in the Philippines, and continued the early 1900s against the Americans. The American period, however, banked on the promising agricultural potential of the province as railways and roads were built, irrigation was widened, and housing was improved. The Second World War put the highly accessible province in complete disarray, where it took years after the war before it was able to get back on its feet.

Now, the province is home to 2.15 million people scattered across its 27 municipalities and 5 cities. It relies not only in rice production but also on other agricultural products like milk, mangoes, bananas, and onions, and its aforementioned five cities have increasingly become highly urbanized. It continues to have a viable tourism industry via its old historical churches, natural parks, and countless town festivals. With just about every aspect of live covered in Nueva Ecija, residence in the area continues to be at its most promising.

Residential lots and farms in key cities and towns

lots for sale in Nueva Ecija

Many of the lots for sale in Nueva Ecija are from bank listings from foreclosures and realty companies. Their prices range from a low of around P113,000 to a high of about P1.9 billion. A majority of the lots are priced between half a million pesos to P5 million, which of course vary in size and location.

One of the most affordable is currently available for P147,000. At 294 square meters, the low-cost lot found in the town of Quezon is a property with one of the most ideal locations. It sits about 500 meters from the town proper, where notable places like Holy Family Parish Church, commercial stores, and the town municipal hall are found.

Another lot in heavily populated and commercialized Cabanatuan City offers direct access to the city’s key areas. Found in a residential estate, the 150-square-meter lot is for sale for only P450,000. For a lot with some property improvements and greater area, there is also a lot for sale for P3.83 million and features an area of 401 square meters that is also within the city.

Foreclosed lots are also quite available in Nueva Ecija, giving home seekers and property investors several options to choose from. One such available lot found with an urban location is a 192-square-meter lot in San Jose City currently priced at P967,000. For those in search of a lot in a more rural location however, a larger lot in the town of San Leonardo is also available. It measures 1,361 square meters and is priced at P2.1 million.

An agricultural province, Nueva Ecija also has an array of farmlands that are currently on the market. One is a P2 million lot in Llanera town which measures 2,338 square meters and already comes with a house, a storage building, and mature mango trees.

An even larger lot for sale in Nueva Ecija is priced at P6.5 million. At 52,000 square meters, the sprawling farm is located near San Jose City and features 400 mature mango trees covering the land. Fully fenced, it also has two sources of water (deep well and a natural reservoir), and is directly linked by an access road to the town’s main road.