Nelia Buza Gumabay

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Nelia Buza Gumabay
1334-E Perdigon St., Brgy 681, Zone 74, Paco, Manila 1007
QUICK-TIME REALTY is serving the public since September 8, 2011. Owned and managed by NELIA BUZA-GUMABAY , a licensed Real Estate Broker and Appraiser under PRC license nos. 3246 & 3003 respectively. With approved and issued certificates from DTI, HLURB , BIR & Business Permits. Our Office is located at 1334-E Perdigon St. Brgy. 681 Zone 74, Paco, Manila 1007. Services offered are as follows: 1. GENERAL BROKERAGE Includes agency in sales & purchase of vertical and horizontal properties; leasing of condo units, apartments and Lot & houses; home loan assistance to various accredited banks of choice; documentation related to the transfer and registration of properties; estate tax; inheritance; donation; subdivision/consolidation. 2. PROJECT SELLING Recruitment and training of qualified salespersons; selling of vertical and horizontal properties developed by trusted developers in the country. 3. APPRAISAL Valuation of specific properties and machineries. QUICK-TIME REALTY served with honesty and integrity thus earning trust and loyalty from our clients, and as a sign of gratitude we promise that we will do the best of our ability to serve everyone personally and with sincerity. Rest assured that you will have fast results delivered quickly with high quality that was legally processed in accordance with the Philippine Laws. For your real estate consultations contact us 24/7, we will be most happy to serve you! As a token, I accept your referrals to continue my service.
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