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Property prices in Negros Oriental range from as low as over half a million pesos for a typical low-cost housing in Dumaguete to a high of Php35 million for a sprawling mansion in Sibulan that offers panoramic views of the coast. Sibulan is in the outskirts of Dumaguete and where the current domestic airport is located.

While majority of the houses in Dumaguete’s town proper range between Php7 million to over Php10 million, many of the huge and expensive properties can be found in Sibulan or Dauin.

If money is no object, a property in Dauin, the municipality that hosts the world famous Apo Island, is for sale at Php60 million. It’s a beach house that has a swimming pool and a 2-unit apartment that could be rented out.

Dumaguete, the province’s capital, serves as the focal hub and jump off point to many other areas of interest in the entire Negros Island and in the nearby Visayan islands such as Cebu and Bohol

Because Negros Oriental faces Cebu, Cebuano is the primary spoken language in the province.


A Geologic Wonder


House with Swimming Pool in Negros OrientalWith a total land area of 5,385 square kilometers, Negros Oriental’s topography is characterized by low mountain ranges, some of which lie close to the shoreline. Mt. Talinis, also known as Cuernos de Negros or Horns of Negros is the province’s most famous mountain and highest at 6,243 feet. It is also Negros Island’s second highest peak after Mt. Kanlaon, which is located in Negros Occidental. Mt. Talinis is located in the southern end of the province, 9 kilometers southwest of Valencia and 20 kilometers from the capital Dumaguete.

The geological characteristic of Negros Island is largely volcanic in nature. That means most lands in the area are fertile, with many of the mountains in the island, which include Mt. Talinis and Kanlaon, lying in the so-called Negros Volcanic Belt. Mt. Kanlaon is considered as an active volcano while Mt. Talinis has been classified by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology as a potentially active one.

This natural feature of Negros Island makes it ideal to host geothermal power plants to power the entire island and supply some to nearby provinces. The 192.5-MW Palinpinon geothermal plant in Negros Oriental has been supplying electricity to many areas in the Visayas. This was recently expanded with an additional 49-MW capacity. Despite the huge power excess in the province, other renewable sources of energy such as hydro, wind, and solar are being explored to provide additional power capacities that can be sold and supplied to neighboring areas.


Agriculture and Information Technology Go Hand In Hand

With its vast fertile land resources, agriculture plays a major role in the province’s economy. Its primary crops are sugarcane, coconut, sweet corn, and rice. But with Dumaguete increasingly becoming a major hub for the business process outsourcing industry given the rising number of businesses that have established operations there such as call centers, publishing, medical transcription, architectural outsourcing, and animation, it won’t be long before other towns and municipalities in Negros Oriental would benefit from it. There are over 20 BPO and IT firms in Dumaguete alone. This makes the city an increasingly important hub for the BPO and IT industries in the Visayas.

Dumaguete also plays a pivotal role in the country’s telecommunications infrastructure as it hosts fiber optic lines. The city serves as a focal point and a landing point for fiber optic cables that link it to the Visayas, Manila, Luzon, and Mindanao.


A Major Education Hub In The Visayas

Large House for your Family in Negros OrientalAs Dumaguete basks in its unofficial role as the country’s quintessential college town, other towns and municipalities in Negros Oriental are expected to benefit from it as well. That means the province can supply well-educated and skilled workforce to businesses that set up operations there. Dumaguete alone is a popular educational destination for students in the province and has 18 public elementary schools and 8 public high schools.

The city is known largely as the seat of Siliman University, a private research university established in 1901 as Siliman Institute by Presbyterian missionaries. It is the first American university in the Philippines and in Asia. Not only is the university known for its top notch academic programs such as marine biology, journalism, and creative writing, but its seaside location and access to nearby facilities have often been the envy of many academics and students alike. The 610,000 square meter campus is not only adjacent to but is intermixed with the city’s downtown district, with some of its buildings recognized as Dumaguete’s more popular landmarks.

Many of the students who study in Dumaguete’s academic institutions often stay in the city after graduation because of the allure of a laidback yet energetic lifestyle, as well as the job opportunities available in the BPO and IT firms located in the area. Many consider Dumaguete as a center students, professionals, artists, scholars, and literary figures who come from other parts of the country and other corners of the world.