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The Land of the Gentle People

There is more to Dumaguete City than the gentlest and charming people you will ever meet. A go-to destination for any traveller visiting the Philippines, the city prides itself for being more hip and affable than your average provincial capital. Being the center of the Negros Oriental province, Dumaguete is also known for being a home to a number of universities and colleges, making it recognized as a university city.

For home seekers out there, Dumaguete City is definitely amongst those at the top of their list, as its economic standing, as well as vibrant tourism, makes it an attractive place to live in.

The city serves as one of the economic centers in the Visayas region. With a population of around 131,377, Dumaguete is the largest city in the province.

Dumaguete's strong and diverse workforce has led to the influx of investors in several industries setting up shop in the city. In fact, two of the largest IT services firms, TeleTech and SPi Global, have set up local headquarters in the city. Commercial developments spearheaded by Robinsons Land Corporation is also taking its spot in Dumaguete.

There are around 3,500 business firms registered with the city government that belongs to a wide range of sectors from agriculture to amusement. Its financial scene is also flourishing with its three state-owned banks, 24 commercial players, 44 non-bank financing firms, and 14 credit cooperatives.

The city earned the distinction of being the center of learning of the south. Its academe sector contributes more than PHP 2 billion of economic activity in the province every year. The city's peaceful ambience makes it conducive for these educational institutions to thrive and keep educating diverse sets of students from different parts of the world. Interestingly, Dumaguete is home to the oldest Protestant university in the country and the oldest American-established university in Asia, which is the Siliman University.

Tourism is also one of its key drivers. Rizal Boulevard is not something you would want to miss when visiting Dumaguete. Stretching right by the seacoast, Rizal Boulevard serves as a boardwalk-inspired place for people to enjoy and relax. Another destination on your go-to list should be the Dumaguete Belfry. This bell tower has been in the city for a long time and has witnessed many historical events.

Dumaguete House for Rent

Unlike some of the highly-urbanized cities in the Philippines, some of the most affordable houses for rent are in Dumaguete. For instance, a semi-furnished three-bedroom house can be rented for only PHP 13,000 a month. This house already has air conditioning units installed, a refrigerator, and a garden. This property is located inside the Casa Alicia Subdivision.

Most of the rental deals you will find in Dumaguete are already furnished. Thus, the monthly rent of around PHP 15,000 should already be a great deal.

Be amongst the gentlest people and look for a house for rent in Dumaguete. Not only will you enjoy the camaraderie and sense of community in the city, but you will also relish its natural beauty and engaging culture.