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A Welcome to Metro Manila at Its North

Commercial Lot for Sale in Valenzuela

Where can one invest in a lot for sale? Valenzuela is the perfect option for those who want to remain in the capital, but want to avoid its more condensed areas.

Located 14 kilometers north of the National Capital that is Manila, Valenzuela City is a place that is comparatively devoid of much hoopla in comparison to its other more high-profile Metro Manila brethren. This is easy to understand given that the city has only been one for a relatively short amount of time, only officially being named a chartered city in 1998.

What the city lacks in name recognition, however, it makes ups for in being a multicultural metropolis. Formerly a rural area better identified as an agricultural locale, the city has evolved into one of the major economic and industrial centers in the Philippines.

Its northernmost location in Metro Manila has made it a convenient location for those coming from the north, specifically Bulacan and Pampanga, that want to make a living in the capital - a migration that has been assisted by the relocation of a number of industries into the center of the city. The most notable of these have been recycling companies, and Valenzuela is said to have the highest number in the region since 2002.

A Short City History, but Long Storied Past

Formerly a part of Bulacan, areas covered by present-day Valenzuela include the hacienda of a past Spanish friar, several small political settlements, and a Spanish garrison. The city’s name is said to be of two origins: one simply being the diminutive variant of Valencia, as Valenzuela actually stands for “little Valencia” in Spanish. The other is said to be that the once-town was named after Pio Valenzuela, a Tagalog physician who served as one of the leaders of the Katipunan.

The city’s past and more recent histories are evident in its landscape through its various landmarks. This includes the Valenzuela City People’s Park, a 1.3-hectare urban park located beside the city hall, and the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, the center of the Fatima apostolate that was declared a tourist and pilgrimage site, but is remarkably known most as the church associated with Our Lady of Fatima University.

Residential Land in Valenzuela City

The Ideal Lot for Sale in Valenzuela

As a former agricultural town that has only been a city for a little under two decades, Valenzuela features a combination of urban conveniences with rural sensibilities. The city is one of the decidedly suburban areas in Metro Manila, making it easy to find a lot for sale. Valenzuela City is the ideal location for homebuyers to own land in a region that is most known for high rises and mixed-use developments.

Prices of a Valenzuela lot for sale are some of the most favorable in the National Capital Region as of the present time with as little as PHP 5.6 million enough to garner a buyer with 108 square meters worth of land in neighborhoods like the city’s Bisig area.

Big investors, on the other hand, who want to make major investments on large commercial, industrial, or agricultural lots in the city can go big and pool just a little more than a quarter of a billion pesos for lots with as much as 12,500 square meters worth of area in key locations like Daang Bato Road or right by the McArthur Highway.