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Room for Rent in Quezon City

Room for Rent in QCThe country’s largest city in terms of population is Quezon City. With almost three million residents dating back from the 2015 census, there are no signs of its number of residents declining. The thing is, its 166.20 square kilometer land area remains the same. Finding a room for rent here or any type of residential space for that matter could prove to be challenging. That all depends however on your preferences.

Renting a room versus an apartment or a condo?

The apartment or condo, in this case, would most likely be studio units. This would put things within the context of the comparison.

There are a variety of factors to consider when thinking about renting a room or an apartment/condo. At the outset, they could appear to be the same though there are some points which reveal their differences.

Among them are:

  • Location and accessibility

Choose a room rental that is close to your daily destination. You should be able to save on your accommodations and transportation costs. The distance should not make it more expensive to live in a room for rent.

  • Space and comfort

Studios are small enough, renting a room however might be even smaller. You might also have to share different areas of the residence with others such as the bathroom and kitchen or even the room itself.

  • Safety and security

There is a good probability that other occupants will be in the residential property. This would require you to be more diligent in the safekeeping of your belongings to avoid unnecessary temptation.

  • Cost

Leasing an apartment will oftentimes be more expensive than renting a room. It is this factor which makes it so appealing to choose the latter. The price difference is simply too wide to ignore in most cases. Possible inclusions such as utilities and meals also make it very appealing.

Renting in Quezon City

There are many rental options in Quezon City. Its prices are normally lower than popular locations such as BGC, Makati, Ortigas and Bay Area. Multiple LRT 1, LRT 2 and MRT 3 stations are also found within the city. This makes it is convenient to rent here provided it is close to these accessible modes of affordable transportation.

Why are there an influx of renters in the city?

Quezon City Room for RentWith the MRT Line 7 project underway, there is more reason to rent in Quezon City. The stations will span from North Avenue leading up to San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. This will make it easier to find even cheaper accommodations within the vicinity of its 14 stops. Among them, 11 stations are scheduled to be completed in Quezon City and are to be operational by 2020.

Lower prices and the promise of greater accessibility are probably the reason why early adopters are positioning themselves here.

Is there enough supply for the demand?

The demand for real estate generally outpaces supply in various locations all over the Philippines. Quezon City is no exception. Developers have been aware of the MRT Line 7 project for quite some time now and have been acquiring land for residential improvements. This would include condos, houses, apartments, and townhouses.

There would naturally be rooms for rent that would be offered among those under construction. The industry, however, will still need to find more ways to meet the growing demand for residential requirements. It is a good challenge to have, mostly attributed to the country’s surging economy.

Why is it best to rent a room?

If all you need is a place to sleep with a few basics then renting a room is a good choice. You save a lot of money compared to leasing a whole apartment or condo. There are also some landlords who might include utilities and meals in the rent. Even without this, however, the lower price can give you more flexibility on your budget to spend for your other needs. Just be prepared to share the rest of the property with other occupants.

How cheap is renting in the city?

The current price range for renting a room in Quezon City is anywhere between Php3,000 to Php6,000. You can probably find something cheaper though this would naturally depend on the size, location, and inclusions. Having your utilities, meals, and laundry covered along with the rental is a great convenience. Try asking your potential landlord about those items as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any available room for rent in the Philippines?

Definitely! There are 504 available room for rent across the Philippines . You can sort it out depending on the range of your budget. Most of the listings are near CBDs where most of the people are going to work.

Is there any available bedspaces near Cubao?

If you want to opt for bedspaces instead of room to rent, there are available bedspaces near cubao.

Are there any available room for rent in Quezon City?

Yes, in fact there are 66 available room for rent in QC. Check out the listings on this page.