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Lot for Sale in inside subd. Project 8 near Mindanao ave Q.C PH2121

Space Is Still Available Here

Residential Lot for Sale in QC with a View

When considering the purchase of land in Metro Manila, Quezon City is often the place that comes to mind for many, since it is the national capital’s largest city. It is a total of 166.2 square kilometers with around 2.8 million inhabitants as of 2010. It is a highly urbanized city just like Makati. Currently, the city is undergoing a construction boom, and a huge number of mixed-use townships from the country’s biggest real estate developers are being constructed.

While the rest of the region may have fewer plots available for investors and property developers, such is not the case here, where you can easily come across a vacant lot for sale in Quezon City, or QC as it is colloquially called, to choose from. Whether it is to be utilized for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, you won’t have difficulty finding the perfect lot for sale in Quezon City for you. QC is as populous as it is large, having the most number of registered residents in the country. This ensures business and entrepreneurs with an existing and continuous base of clients.

Lot for Sale: Quezon City Investments

Huge Commercial Lot for Sale in Quezon City

Almost all types of residential and commercial property can be found in QC. Because the city is one of the key economic centers of the country, the chances of a return on investment are high, which makes investing in a lot for sale in Quezon City highly lucrative for whatever purpose it may serve.

Highly urbanized, the city is not limited to properties that are available for commercial or industrial use. You may also find an excellent residential lot for sale in Quezon City in areas that have potential as recreational spaces. QC is highly touted for its green initiatives. The efforts of the city’s residents and local government have made the city suitable for developments centered on sustainability.

There is a great deal of available residential, commercial, or industrial lots for sale in Quezon City. Some of the most popular places include areas like Katipunan Avenue and Diliman, which have fewer structures when compared to the other districts of the city. Plots highly ideal for commercial use can be found in the busier areas of Cubao, Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue (EDSA), and Bagumbayan. Prices range from several hundred thousands to a couple of million pesos, depending on where the property is exactly located and of course how large its total area is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a foreclosed lot for sale in Quezon City?
Yes, there are about 170 foreclosed lots for sale in Quezon City. Foreclosed lots sell for below market value, so you can get more value out of your investment with these types of properties. 

Is there a parking lot for sale in Quezon City?
Yes, you can find more than 18 parking lots for sale in Quezon City. Parking lots don’t often come to mind when one thinks of buying property, but given how hard parking is to come by in the city, it’s actually a worthwhile investment that doesn’t require a lot of money to get started. 

Is there a large lot for sale in Quezon City?
Yes, there are 302 large lots for sale in Quezon City with more than 1,000 square meters of available space. These properties are excellent for building large commercial spaces.