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The average price (2016) of a one-bedroom or studio apartment for rent in Pasig City is ~PHP 26,000 per month. This roughly translates to a rental rate of ~PHP 650 per square meter per month.

As of 2015, there are 25,831 registered business establishments operating in Pasig City, according to data from the National Competitiveness Council (NCC). Together, these companies have a total declared employees of 212,756.

Pasig has a total of 120 private schools that offer elementary and secondary education.

There are 20 private and public hospitals in Pasig City. The best known hospital is The Medical City in Ortigas Avenue.

As of 2015, there are 2,678 banks, rural banks, cooperatives, pawnshops, remittance centers, microfinance institutions, and other financial institutions operating in Pasig, based on data from the NCC.


A City of the Past, Present, and Future

Apartment for Rent Pasig City

In spite of being in the middle of the Philippines’ most highly developed and densely popular capital region, the city of Pasig has well-preserved its historical and cultural infrastructures. The Immaculate Conception Cathedral, also called the Pasig Cathedral, is considered as the oldest Marian parish in the country. The Bahay na Tisa is a property owned by seven generations of the Tech family, and served as a “freedom house” during Martial Law. It is also considered as the oldest bahay na bato in the city.

Like the rest of the major locations in Metro Manila, the city is highly developed and ultramodern. It is the site of the eastern portion of the Ortigas Center, which is one of the largest income generators in the country, second only to the Makati Central Business District. While the western portion of Ortigas (in Mandaluyong) holds the majority of shopping malls, the Pasig side is where most of the residential and commercial skyscrapers are located.

Aside from its cultural and urban comforts, the city is also a key center for education. The University of Asia and the Pacific is situated here and is considered as one of the most prestigious learning institutions in Southeast Asia. The Pasig City Science High School is one of the first science high schools in the country. The Rizal Technological University is a notable secondary and tertiary school located near a fully restored public resort and amusement park aptly named Rainforest (RAVE Rainforest Adventure Experience).


Apartment for Rent: Pasig Is the Place to Be

Enjoy the Amenities of Urban Residences

Like with other cosmopolitan places in Metro Manila, choosing an apartment in Pasig City is one of the better ways to fully experience the city life. The choices in the market are as varied as the city is diverse, making it relatively easy for those interested in buying or renting to find the most suitable property.

The following are popular areas for an apartment for rent in Pasig City:

These places are close to the Ortigas Center, making them highly sought after, especially amongst those who work or do business in the city. Monthly rental rates range from PHP 25,000 for a three-bedroom row house in Bagong Ilog to PHP 36,000 for a similar apartment in Kapitolyo. A cheap apartment for rent in Pasig is not hard to find.

Renting is a financially practical way to live in Metro Manila, particularly when one’s needs change quickly because of the fast pace of life in the capital. It is more affordable and the maintenance costs are lower as compared to a house. Apart from the obvious flexibility it provides for one who tends to periodically relocate, the right flat also provides ample living space. A Pasig apartment for rent is also more strategically located than houses, commonly situated in or around commercial areas. Some even offer amenities that are comparable to those of high-rise condominiums.