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A charming 2 BR X 1 MR X 2 TB Flowered Balcony & Exclusive view on Manila Bay' sunset!  TV, gas range, microwave are brand new. Rest of appliances and furniture are in good condition or newly refurbished. Large, air-conditioned bedrooms and living room. The theme of the interiors is Asian-Modern to give guests a zen and contemporary fusion of styles ambiance.  Please see photos.  ONLY a maximum of 5 people are allowed. Raya Garden is a unique Bali-inspired Condominiums located just 15 minutes away from Makati. Parking is not included.  An urban sanctuary: Sprawling gardens. A lotus pond. Complete fitness and sporting amenities. Free WIFI Clubhouse. Swimming pool and a serene atmosphere.  A convenience store is within the compound open until 12AM and servicesare just a phone call away : pick up and deliver laundry service, food or drinking water delivery.   24 7 and very strict security.  Our place is accessible via West Service Road and by way of private or public bus, cabs, and jeepneys just outside the main gate.  Truly a vacation-feel resort community. *Kitchen and Dining*  - Gas Range - Rice Cooker - Microwave - Refrigerator - Pots and Pans - Cooking Utensils - Knives and Chopping Board - Plates, Cups, Saucers, Drinking glass - Spoons and Forks - Pitcher - Dishwashing Liquid and Sponge - Rags - Cleaning Supplies - Fruit basket - Dining Table and Chairs with complete setting for 4pax  *Living Room*  - 40" Smart TV and Remote Control - L-Shaped Sofa with 3 accent pillows - Shoe Rack - Pin tray - Split Type AirConditioner  *Bathrooms*  - HOT shower (water heater in the TB.) - Water Efficient Toilet - Towels - Shower mats - Bath accessory sets  *Bedrooms*  - Bed Linens - Pillows - Hangers - Ample Closet space - Side Table and lamp in the MBR - Queen Bed in the MBR - Laptop friendly workspace in the BR - Single Bed in the BR - Window Type AirConditioners in MBR & BR - Bunk bed in the MR  *Balcony*  - Patio Table and Chairs All appliances and plug-ins are 220v.
Raya Garden Condominium is formally turnover morethan a decade ago but the property management maintain the community with highly competence which enable the development attractive and community is conducive of living. DMCI has Lumiventt Design Technology which means - From 'lumen' meaning light and 'ventus' meaning wind, This pioneering design technology for high-rise structures allows ambient light and fresh air to permeate the building and all unit spaces within. Sky Patios, 3-storey high openings located at the front and back of every five-floor levels, and breezeways, vents at both sides of the building; allow cross-ventilation by employing basic principles of airflow. The introduction of single loaded hallways and central garden atriums not only improve aesthetics but also give a wide open feel to the building interior, for true resort-inspired living. The history of the city has different stories as to why it was called Parañaque. One of these was about a Balete tree that was used to stand in the mouth of the so-called Parañaque river and when being viewed afar, it looked like a ship hence gotten its name Palanyag from the term “palayag” which means “point of navigation. The closest account to its current name was claimed that during the time when the country was colonized by Spaniards, some of the soldiers who were riding a carriage commanded to be brought to a certain place. When they arrived, the soldier commanded, “Para aqui, Para aqui!” (Stop here, Stop here!). The coachman however did not understand the soldier’s command and kept going while the soldier repeated his instruction. So the coachman just stopped and mentioned to the residents that the soldier just kept on saying “para aniya ake, para aniya ake”. The people just laughed and the happening circulated to the town and was repeated for days and the term remained to the minds of the people.
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