House and lot For Sale in Marikina, Metro Manila

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The average price (2016) of a two-bedroom house and lot for sale in Marikina is PHP 3,150,000.

Data from the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) shows that there are 324 local branches of universal/commercial banks, thrift/savings banks, rural banks, pawnshops, finance cooperatives, and other financial institutions operating in Marikina.

Currently, the largest shopping mall in Marikina is SM City Marikina. Other shopping centers in the city include the Riverbanks Center, Blue Wave Marquinton Mall, Graceland Plaza, C&Ps Circle Mall, and the newly opened Ayala Arvo Mall.

Marikina is composed of sixteen barangays, which are grouped into two legislative districts.


One of the Most Livable Cities in the Metro

Brand New Modern Minimalist House

Situated in a valley bound by mountain ranges and cut through by a river, Marikina is one of the 17 cities and municipality that comprise Metro Manila. While highly urbanized like the rest of the capital, the city stands out because it is one of the few places counted within the Metro that has managed to become highly developed without compromising too much of its natural beauty.

A Hall-of-Famer among the Cleanest City awardees in the country, Marikina continues to be widely recognized by the national government for having the best environmental programs in the National Capital Region. In 2014, the city ranked among the top three cities in the Philippines for economic dynamism and among the top ten for competitiveness.


A Clean and Well Maintained City

It is easy to imagine how great it would feel to wake up in your home in Marikina, knowing full well that once outside, the city to be trekked is one that is very clean and well maintained. Consistent development has made most urban amenities available in the area, but it is how well the environment continues to be sustained that makes the city an optimal place for property investment.

With an estimated population growth rate of only 1.4 percent, home buyers can expect the city to remain significantly less populated than other Metro Manila locales. The smaller populace has allowed for a good amount of house and lots to be available, providing home buyers with better chances of finding the most suitable properties possible.


House for Sale in Marikina

Open Backyard with Swimming Pool

With its modest population and consistent urban planning and environmental programs, it is highly recommended that interested buyers take the opportunity to buy a house in Marikina. Communities like Palermo Homes Centro offer a variety of homes with prices ranging from as low as PHP 545,100 to luxurious houses in sprawling estates that could go as high as PHP 48 million.

Those looking for a house and lot for sale in Marikina city have several to choose from. There are modest one-bedroom units, two-storey townhouses, single-family homes, and houses with as many as four bedrooms situated in a 200 square meter lot.

Whichever size, type, or price one is searching for, the result is the same: owning a house the city is easy and possible. There are plenty of properties to choose from, and the city’s combination of urban planning and environmentally sustainability projects allows for long-term enjoyment of one’s investment.