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The Ancestral Heritage of the Sta. Ana District

Sta. Ana has one of the most esteemed architectural heritage areas in the Philippines. Known as the Santa Ana Heritage District, it houses numerous historical ancestral homes, which continue to stand the test of time. It is also the only district in the city of Manila left unscathed after the destruction of World War II. Property seekers looking for houses for sale in Sta. Ana can then always expect to encounter such ancestral homes during their search. Many affluent and prominent personalities and families tend to take on these dwellings, making the district similar to Makati’s Forbes Park.

One of the most-known houses in Santa Ana is the Amparo-Santos Ancestral House, which was built in 1931. It was home to the first Filipino manager of MERALCO and Miss Cebu 1907, Amparo Lucero. One important feature of the house are the letter A carvings seen in the entrance porch, on the walls of the alleyways to the bedrooms, and in the living room. Its doors are adorned with circular amulets of St. Benedict.

In 1923, a police captain named Andres Gawat won the lottery. Unsure of what he wanted to do with the money, he constructed a two-storey villa, which has now become one of the famous ancestral homes in the district. The home’s simple exterior with board panels, which are perfectly aligned makes it stand out from the other ancestral houses.

The Leiva-Syquia Ancestral House, on the other hand, has been famous due to its connections to Dr. Pio Valenzuela, who is considered a founder of Katipunan. The Leiva-Syquia Ancestral House was believed to be where Valenzuela set up his clinic during his stay in Sta. Ana. In the 1990s, the Agham Theater Company claimed the house as their headquarters until it was placed in the possession of Solomon Provido.

Perhaps one of the most striking properties is the Morales Ancestral House, a chalet-type home erected in 1932. Its walls were designed with geometric patterns with a variety of windows, glass panes, wood ventanilla, and metal grills.

The district is also popular due to its notable residents, which include entertainers Cesar Montano, Michael V., Louie Ignacio, Mike Enriquez, and the late German Moreno.

Living in Sta. Ana Manila: House and Lot for Sale

Expectedly, not everything is ancestral in Sta. Ana with modern homes for sale amidst the ancestral culture of the district. There are also several townhouses for sale in the area, featuring contemporary architecture that complements the district's vibe.

Among these is a three-storey townhouse along Medel St., and has three bedrooms, a maid’s room, and one covered garage. The home has a floor area of around 130 square meters, and is currently on the market for PHP 6.6 million.

Another is a fully-furnished townhouse with three bedrooms and a service area, and is currently available for only PHP 6.5 million. It includes a one-car garage and features a total floor area of 124 square meters.

Other townhouses with similar features range in price between PHP 5.5 million to PHP 7 million. When buying these and similar residential spaces, an important consideration is indeed the location. After all, a district with deep ancestral roots and is readily accessible to most of Metro Manila is of great value, from both an appeal and a monetary standpoint.