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The average price (2016) of a two-bedroom apartment for rent in Sta. Ana, Manila is PHP 35,700 per month.

Sta. Ana is the only Manila district that is found north and south of Pasig River.

An ancient community, Sta. Ana is at the center of the ancient kingdom of Namayan, which dominated the areas along Pasig River just before the Spanish colonization.

Belonging to the sixth congressional district of Manila, Sta. Ana has 32 barangays, and based on the 2000 Census has about 34,694 households.

The Historical Heritage of Sta. Ana Manila

There is one district in Manila known for its architectural heritage. It is a well-preserved area with numerous ancestral houses and is teeming with religious establishments that have turned into attractions. This district is known as Santa Ana.

Sta. Ana is located at the southeast banks of the Pasig River, surrounded by the cities of Mandaluyong and Makati in the east and southeast, and bound by Paco and Pandacan in the west. It is the only Manila district that can be found near the Pasig River.

The district is home to around 34,700 households scattered across 32 barangays. It has been an attractive place for people looking to rent an apartment as it is not crowded like the other districts in Manila. Many prominent and wealthy families have decided to set up their home in Sta. Ana, making it known as the Forbes Park of Manila.

The name of the district was in honor of Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary. Historians trace the history of the district way back to the pre-colonial period. It was found out that the district was mainly used as grave site 1,000 years ago. Archaeologists were able to excavate Chinese ceramics associated with burials. The artifacts served a testament to the district's strong maritime relations with China in the 12th to 15th century.

During the pre-colonial period, Sta. Ana was the center of the ancient village of Namayan. It was then heavily influenced with the onset of the Spanish colonization. Interestingly, the church that was built by the Franciscan missionaries in 1720 still stands today and is known as the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Abandoned. This church is amongst the list of cultural properties of the Philippines. It has also been declared as a National Cultural Treasure.

Across the street behind this historic church is also a site to behold. An old Taoist temple dedicated to a venerated Chinese historical figure stands on a nearby lot. While its construction has not been traced yet, records show that the temple was already erected as early as the 1920s.

Sta. Ana is also the home of the first Iglesia Ni Cristo church. Unlike the modern architecture of INC churches, this rustic place of worship is reminiscent of the architecture seen during the American occupation.

Apartment for Rent: Sta. Ana Manila’s Finest

Since Sta. Ana has fewer people as compared to other parts of Manila, a lot of apartment units are up for rent.

If you are meaning to rent a small studio-type apartment in Manila Rivercity Residences, you only have to pay as low as PHP 8,800 monthly. The cost is a great deal, given that the apartment is already fully furnished. The residential development is near Makati City and Mandaluyong City. For a bigger one-bedroom unit, rents usually start at PHP 12,000.

For students and young professionals looking for bed spaces for rent, you may find Casitas De Aquilina a suitable place for you. The apartment is already equipped with WiFi and is nearby commercial centers such as Robinsons Place Manila, the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, and SM City Manila.

With its rich history and attractive location, there is no doubt that Sta. Ana will continue to be a great spot to live in Metro Manila.