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Sampaloc is a district of Manila that has a high volume of colleges and universities, leading it to be dubbed as the “University Belt” or “U-Belt.” You can find some of the country’s most notable educational institutions within the district, including the University of Santo Tomas (the oldest existing university in Asia), the Far Eastern University, the University of the East, and the National University. Sampaloc is also one of the most vigorous districts in Manila. With tons of people constantly plying the area, getting a lot for sale in Sampaloc, Metro Manila is one of the most lucrative investments you can make. It’s also right between the busy districts of Quiapo, San Miguel, Santa Mesa, and Santa Cruz, with Quezon City in the northeast.


Nearby Establishments

Transportation hubs:
- Laong Laan Station PNR 

- España Station PNR 

- Legarda Station LRT 2

- Blumentritt Station LRT 1 



- Arellano University

- Centro Escolar University

- Manila Business College

- Manuel L. Quezon University

- National Teachers College

- Perpetual Help College of Manila

- Philippine School of Business Administration

- Polytechnic University of the Philippines

- San Beda University

- San Sebastian College - Recoletos

- Technological Institute of the Philippines

- Unciano Colleges and General Hospital

- University of Manila



- Ospital ng Sampaloc

- Mary Chiles General Hospital

- Perpetual Succor Hospital



lot for sale in Sampaloc, Manila could vary in size, with the smallest cut being 53 square meters and costing Php 3.5 million. There are also bigger cuts that go up to 2,281 square meters which are valued at Php 640 million.


Why should homebuyers consider buying a lot in this location/area?

Several families are attracted to Sampaloc since it’s home to most of the best educational institutions in the entire country. There are also a number of top-notch hospitals in the area, making it an even more ideal place to live. A residential lot for sale in Sampaloc, Manila is very popular with families due to the numerous educational opportunities it offers. Plus, there are also many options for transportation. 


Investment/Business/Work Opportunities

Apart from the multiple big businesses in the area, small and medium enterprises also thrive in Sampaloc. There’s a wealth of opportunities for landlords in the district since there are always students looking for board and lodging year-round. Because of the sheer number of residents in the area, small businesses in the retail, dining, and service industries are able to flourish. A lot for sale in Sampaloc, Metro Manila is very strategically located, since mass transportation routes pass through the district regularly.



  1. Is there a residential lot close to the major colleges?

Yes, there’s a lot for sale in Sampaloc, Metro Manila just 15 to 20 minutes away from schools like St. Jude College and the University of the East.

  1. What’s the advantage of getting a lot with an existing building?

While you can opt to demolish existing structures, you can also utilize these buildings for dormitories or condo residences.

  1. What are the transportation options on España?

There’s the España train station PNR, and there are also jeepney and bus stops along the stretch of the boulevard.