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Considered as Manila's largest district, Sampaloc has a total size of 7.90 square kilometers and consists of 192 barangays.

Sampaloc is a Manila district where several of the city's most prestigious universities are located. Sampaloc is easily accessible via multiple routes, making it a popular choice among property seekers who plan to buy residential properties for personal or business use. Since various universities sit in Sampaloc, making residential property investment a practical option. If you want to buy a house in a highly urbanized city like Manila, a busy district like Sampaloc is ideal.

Nearby Establishments

Sampaloc is near several of the country’s prized educational institutions and universities, perfect for families with children.

If you plan to buy a house and lot for sale in Sampaloc, Manila, to raise kids and settle down, buying a property near Sampaloc's prestigious schools is a practical option. Here are some of the renowned universities in Sampaloc, Manila:

  • University of Santo Tomas
  • Far Eastern University
  • University of the East
  • University of Manila 
  • National University
  • San Beda University
  • Arellano University
  • Centro Escolar University
  • National Teachers College
  • FEATI University
  • La Consolacion College
  • Philippine College of Criminology
  • Technological Institute of the Philippines
  • Perpetual Help College Manila
  • STI College
  • Saint Jude College

For more convenience, you may also buy a house and lot for sale near Sampaloc's hospitals. Here are some of the reputable medical and healthcare facilities in Sampaloc, Manila: 

  • Chinese General Hospital
  • St. Jude Hospital and Medical Center
  • University of Santo Tomas' Hospital
  • United Doctors Medical Center
  • Ospital ng Sampaloc
  • San Lazaro Hospital
  • Hospital of the Infant Jesus
  • Sr. Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Average Cost of House and Lot for Sale in Sampaloc, Manila

You can buy a house and lot for sale in Sampaloc, Manila, around P185,000 per square meter.

If you plan to buy a house and lot for sale in Sampaloc, Manila, the purchase price starts at P85,000 per square meter. For as low as P8 million, you can already get a decent house and lot for sale suitable for empty nesters, newlywed couples, or small families. The prices of homes for sale in Sampaloc, Manila, vary depending on the amenities and location. Houses and lots near Sampaloc's famous landmarks, such as the University of Santo Tomas, can be costly due to the area's market value.

Why Buy a House and Lot for Sale in Sampaloc, Manila

Buying a house and lot for sale in Sampaloc, Manila, is ideal for those who want to settle down and experience a convenient urban lifestyle.

Sampaloc is connected to various Metro Manila communities via Dapitan Street and España Boulevard in Quezon City, Tayuman Avenue in Navotas and Tondo, and Lacson Avenue in Santa Ana. Due to the various thoroughfares surrounding it, it is one of Manila's most convenient and accessible areas, making houses and lots for sale in Sampaloc, Manila, excellent for investors looking for a passive income through real estate properties. Renters who frequently travel throughout Metro Manila may find Sampaloc an ideal location because of the available transits going to different cities.

Investment Opportunities

Because it houses commercial businesses, hospitals, corporate buildings, residential communities, and a high concentration of universities and colleges, Sampaloc has significant foot traffic and a broad market. As one of Manila's busiest neighborhoods, Sampaloc offers a variety of investment options for entrepreneurs, particularly for customer-driven enterprises.

Work Opportunities

Within Sampaloc are corporate buildings and government opportunities that provide various career opportunities for job seekers. Also in Sampaloc are commercial establishments that cater to a diverse market, allowing job seekers to find jobs that suit their skills and interests.


What are any interesting real estate projects in the Sampaloc area?

If you're interested in condominiums, check out DMCI Homes' Sorrel Residences and Vista Residences' Bradbury Heights. Sorrel Residences by DMCI is conveniently located near Santa Mesa Boulevard and SM Santa Mesa, making it ideal for all types of property buyers. Bradbury Heights is located near UST on Alfonso-Mendoza Street, making it a perfect condo for anyone looking to run a student-oriented rental business.

What are the most well-known landmarks in Manila's Sampaloc neighborhood?

The University of Santo Tomas, Asia's oldest university, is one of Sampaloc's most popular attractions. It is a national cultural heritage site, as it houses centuries-old monuments such as the 400-year-old Arch of the Century.

What are the public transportation available in the area?

Buses, jeepneys, and UVs going to different Metro Manila cities are available in Sampaloc. You may also ride LRT1 Bambang Station or Tayuman Station. In addition, PNR Espana is available for those who want to avoid traffic congestion. You can also travel around Sampaloc via tricycles.