Commercial Space For Sale in Manila, Metro Manila

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On the Banks of the Pasig River

Buy Commercial Real Estate in Manila

The city of Manila is the capital of the Philippines and is home to a population of more than 1.6 million. It is one of the sixteen cities that forms Metro Manila, the largest urban conglomeration in the country with a population of approximately 12 million. It is a perfect example of the economic potential of the country.

Manila is divided into sixteen districts and 897 barangays or neighborhoods. In each of these districts, there is a thriving commercial environment. The most central and convenient areas of Manila are concentrated around where the Pasig River empties out into Manila Bay, such as Binondo and San Miguel. These areas are some of the best to find a commercial space for sale in Manila.

The city is virtually filled to the brim with all types of businesses, but it never seems to spill over. There are hundreds of retail stores, training centers, fitness studios, beauty parlors, and Internet cafes - all of which depend on commercial property. Therefore, investors would be making a sound decision by buying a commercial space for sale in Manila.

Commercial Property for Sale in Manila

Commercial Properties in One of the Best Cities

There’s much to look forward to when it comes to a commercial space for sale in Manila, including office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and hotels. Without question, there are multiple benefits to buying a commercial space for sale in Manila. You can generate rental income from businesses renting the space. You can also use the space as a home for your own business, giving you more control over your own company.

Other neighborhoods that are optimal for buying a commercial space for sale in Manila include Binondo, which is home to the city’s Chinatown, Quiapo, home of the Quiapo Market, and Sampaloc, where the city’s “University Belt” can be found, which includes the University of Santo Tomas.

When it comes to finding a commercial space for sale in Manila, the city is one of the best areas with available real estate. Not only will your business be situated in the political capital of the country, but it will also be in close proximity to architectural and cultural landmarks that will impress potential clients and business partners. The city is also known for its nightlife, so aside from office and retail spaces, it is also the perfect place to invest in bars and restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a warehouse for sale in Manila?

Yes, there are 13 warehouses for sale in Manila. The areas of Paco, Ermita, and Tondo have a large concentration of warehouses perfect for industrial, manufacturing, and logistics use. 

Is there an office building for sale in Manila?

Yes, there are 7 office buildings for sale in Manila. Manila is a great place to set up your office since it’s centrally located with plenty of convenient amenities nearby.

Is there a retail space for sale in Manila?

Yes, there are 13 retail spaces for sale in Manila. Setting up shop in Manila is worth it since the city is one of the best retail destinations in Metro Manila.