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Enjoy and Explore the City of Mandaluyong

Floor to Ceiling Windows in the Living Room

Every one of the 16 cities in Metro Manila has its own flair and beauty, and Mandaluyong—directly located east of Manila—is no exception.

Although Mandaluyong is the sixth smallest city in Metro Manila, the city is definitely big in activities and has a lot to offer. The city is bordered by the city of Manila to the west, San Juan to the north, Quezon City to the northeast, Pasig to the east, and Makati to the south; therefore, it is easily accessible to all major and bustling cities in the National Capital Region.

The city is very popular because it is the location of the western section of Ortigas Center, a chief commercial and business center that it shares with Pasig. Notable institutions that can be found in the Mandaluyong side of Ortigas Center include the Asian Development Bank, Banco De Oro Headquarters, and San Miguel Corporation.

This side of Ortigas Center is also home to three shopping malls: SM Megamall, The Podium, and the luxurious Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Dubbed as the Tiger City of the Philippines, Mandaluyong is generally a thriving business hub and a complete residential community in the heart of the Metro.

Townhouse for Sale: Mandaluyong Is Best for You

If you are looking for a property investment that is best suited for you and your family, and you want your new home to be at the center of everything, check out the residential options offered in the city. You can choose from a wide array of choices, such as house and lots, condominiums, and even townhouse for sale in Mandaluyong. Not only you will enjoy the city’s strategic location as the “Heart of Metro Manila,” properties here, especially houses and townhouses, are highly sought-after, ensuring that their values only appreciate over the years.

To convince you further that a Mandaluyong townhouse for sale is a great purchase decision, here are some activities that you can explore with your family and friends when you live here:

Mall Hopping

Shopping in Mandaluyong is certainly a pleasurable activity for the whole family. Whether you want to shop around exclusive designer boutiques, bargain bazaars, or local street markets, there is surely a place in the city that fits your needs.

The popular SM Megamall—which at close to half a million square meters of shopping space is currently the Philippines’ second largest—is one of the city’s proud residents. The large mall by the SM Group is filled with retail, food, electronic, and service shops for all your needs, but if this immense mall space is not enough, Mandaluyong still has a myriad of other malls that can cater people from all walks of life, such as the Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Forum Robinsons, Starmall, The Podium, and The Pavillion in Greenfield District formerly known as the EDSA Central.

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Food Haven

A number of hole-in-the-wall restaurants have sprouted all around the city. As concept food stores are the in-thing among millennials today, the city has made sure that they have a fair share of amazing and palatable food offerings. Some of the most known are the Old Manda Sizzling House in A. Bonifacio, All Day Breakfast in Bed in California Garden Square, and Bunk in Shaw Boulevard. Another gastronomic icon is the famous Chinese-style ham at Adelinas’, a very popular treat especially during the Christmas season.

Fitness Adventure

The newest go-to place for health conscious adventurers is here in Mandaluyong. Climb Central Manila, located in Greenfield District, is now open. This is not for the faint of heart, though, because wall climbing is really taxing on both the lower and upper body. Plus, you need to focus because you need to strategize and plan your steps. Climb Central also offers several walls with varying difficulty levels to keep you challenged.