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Barangay Buayang Bato is one of the 27 barangays situated within the city of Mandaluyong. It is located within Mandaluyong’s second district.

As of the 2010 census, 1,340 people have been recorded to have been living in the 7.26 hectares that make up the territorial jurisdiction of Barangay Buayang Bato. This number makes up a small portion of Mandaluyong’s total population, considering that at the time, 328,699 people have been recorded to have been living in the area. As of 2015, that number has increased to 386,276.

The barangay’s territory covers a portion of the ever busy Pioneer Street that connects a part of Mandaluyong to the EDSA highway. Its territory also covers a small part of the riverbanks by the Pasig River where the Pasig River Ferry traverses. The Ferry caters to the commuting needs of the public travelling in the general Metro Manila area.

Prices of condominium units in Barangay Buayang Bato vary depending primarily on the location of the condominium project within the city, as well as on the developer who built it. Such prices range from around Php1.8 million to around Php6.6 million.


Bato na Buaya

Buy an affordable Condominium in Buayang Bato MandaluyongBarangay Buayang Bato houses a very interesting legend surrounding its creation. It is said that there once lived an old Chinese man whose devotion to his Chinese religion was so renowned in the humble town he lived in, considering that he remained steadfast in his religion despite the fact that his peers have already converted to Christianity. His devotion to his faith was so strong that he would often ridicule the Christian faith.

One day, while he was traversing the Pasig River, a crocodile that was supposedly larger than any he has ever seen in his life began swimming towards his boat. According to one account, the crocodile was supposedly the Devil himself, hell-bent on dragging the old man down to Hell for his blasphemy. Of course, at the sight of the crocodile, the man began praying to the Chinese gods and deities he believed in, to no avail. He then realized that he was a long way from home, and that the gods he was praying to were back in Mainland China, so he began praying to Saint Nicholas, whose statue was prominently displayed in the Guadalupe Church.

Through the saint’s supposed divine intervention, the crocodile suddenly turned into stone, thus saving him from death and eternal damnation. This event then renewed his belief in the Christian faith and convinced him to convert to Christianity. It is said that the stone crocodile, or the buayang bato in Tagalog, can still be seen by the bank of the river near the Ferry Station whenever the low tide comes in.

As interesting as the legend might be, it is, and it always will be, a legend. However, whether the buayang bato story is real or not is not something that anyone can ever really answer. We can only look at the buayang bato by the Ferry Station and speculate as to what really happened there so long ago.


The Barangay

Condo for Sale in Buayang Bato MandaluyongSaints and gigantic crocodiles aside, the barangay of Buayang Bato has so much more to offer, considering that it forms part of the city of Mandaluyong, which is located in the heart of the Metro Manila area. The barangay serves as an ideal and practical address since its location places it in the middle of practically anything and everything there is to do in this side of the Metro.

Whether it be food, shopping, business, or even entertainment, the barangay and the city housing it has something unique to offer. Options, however, are not limited to whatever may be found in the barangay and its home city, considering that it provides easy and convenient access to not only the neighboring cities and municipalities, but also to those cities and municipalities that can be found by the banks of the Pasig River.


Condo Living in Buayang Bato

The prices of condominium units available within the vicinity of Barangay Buayang Bato vary, depending on several factors, including its size, location, and developer. Condos located in areas situated close to access points leading to EDSA or other important places in the city may carry considerably heftier price tags, as compared to areas not so situated. The latest listings show that prices of condos being sold in the area range from Php1.8 million to Php6.6 million. For instance, a 30-square meter, one-bedroom unit in Sunshine 100 City Plaza, which is located fairly close to points leading to EDSA, is priced at Php3.3 million.