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While most assume that any condominium for rent in Bel-Air is costly, units also vary in prices in the area. As little as Php16,000 per month is enough for a one-bedroom, 22 square meter unit, while Php22,000 per month is the minimum for a two-bedroom unit.

With only half a million in registered residents, the city of Makati is modestly populated. However, during the working weekdays, its population more than doubles. Bel-Air, taking some of that transient population, is the city’s tenth most populous.

While it is one of four barangays that make up the Makati central business district, Bel-Air is also a private subdivision and gated community. The barangay is originally part of the defunct Nielson Airport in Nielson Field, Rizal Province, which used to serve commercial flights in and around the metro.

While giants of concrete, steel, and glass populate the city center, Bel-Air also features arbors, gardens, and parks for its residents and working population. With the village’s effort, it was proclaimed the cleanest and greenest barangay in Makati’s Cluster I ("Central Cluster"), a feat that went unbroken for eighth consecutive years.



Bel-Air Condominium for Rent: From modern and simple to spacious and complex

Bel Air Condo for RentBarangay Bel-Air is gifted with an expansive real estate and decades of corporate trust. Covering about a third of the central business district plus more land along the length of Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue and Makati Avenue, Bel-Air is understandably one of the most in-demand residential and commercial locations in Metro Manila.

With business along Ayala Avenue as brisk as it has never been, Bel-Air continues to see an influx of high-salaried working professionals, new residents, and investors coming from other cities. This has largely led to the continued evolution of buildings and other properties in the area. In terms of with condos for rent, Bel-Air is just like the rest of Makati, as it features a variety of options with some of the Metro’s highest prices.

A majority of condos for rent in Bel-Air are located along Malugay Street, Meltropolitan Avenue, and Jupiter Street. Often, these condos are priced between Php20,000 and Php50,000. While pricey for some, almost all are modern and topnotch, and are actually some Bel-Air’s most “affordable”.

Among these supposedly already low-priced units is condo for rent along Jupiter Street. Featuring one-bedroom and one-bath, the condo is has 20 square meters of floor area and is available for Php22,000 per month. At a higher rate of Php35,000 per month is a Metropolitan Avenue condo that measures 39 square meters in floor area and has the similar features of one bedroom and one bathroom.

As part of the Makati CBD, Bel-Air expectedly also has condominiums for rent at rates of Php50,000 and above. Units such as these can be easily found located alog Rockwell Drive, H. V. Dela Costa Street, Tordesillas Street, and Valero Street, areas closest the business district. Along the aforementioned H.V. Dela Costa Street is a two-bedroom, two-bath condo measuring 150 square meters in total area. It is currently available for rent for Php70,000 per month.

Condo for Rent in Bel Air MakatiFor home seekers of a higher financial profile, Bel-Air also has units can be leased for as much Php100,000 and Php300,000 per month. These are typically multi-room condos in the newest or condominium developments, or are the penthouse units of luxury high-rises reserved for the elite among home seekers. Currently on the market is a four-bedroom, five-bath, fully-furnished condo in H. V. Dela Costa Street that is indeed a top floor residence and is currently listed for Php180,000 per month.

Like in almost any area location is a key factor in the prices of Bel-Air condominiums for rent. Those farther from Ayala Avenue are slightly less costly, and proves ideal for residents are don’t mind the extended walk or ride to the office, as well as have a better separation between their home and their place of work.

Apart from price, availability also proves to be greater in areas with greater distance from Ayala Avenue. A quick look at Bel-Air condominium for rent listings, and it is immediately observable that the most units available are those along and beyond Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue.Bel-Air is a model for affluent living. Pricey as many of the condos are, the condominium value speaks of how important the service a condo provides.

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