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Looking for female/foreigner/Manresa School graduate roommate Big M Condotel

-female, Filipino-either college student or have a job/business and no kids- foreigner, MIGHT accept if male -female or male batchmate (Manresa High School batch 2013-2014 or 2012-2013, not sure; my name will ring a bell to you) (although I WOULD prefer female)Reason: Will probably butt heads with male Filipino I don't know (unless you know me personally, went to Manresa School with me, in which case we likely know each other 5-10 years--in that case, I MIGHT accept male); and as for foreigners--I'm basically a Western person, I grew up in that culturePositives: 1) No lease needed! -There might be a contract, just for security purposes, but I want to assume they'll be polite about that, so it's not THAT bad)2) You just need A MONTH'S advance and A MONTH'S security deposit---No SELFISH property owners asking for MORE than 1 month advance and 1 month security deposit!3) Leave with EASE!Just let me know if you plan to leave (as soon as you start having , so that I can find a replacement roommate for you4) Internet at 175 pesos a month (which we can split--I've been trying to get unlimited internet for a long time, so I'm pretty excited)- I'm not sure of the speed though; I've been told that it gets slower at "peak hours" a.k.a. "when people are home at the same time and use the internet"Price: 3000 or 5000, depending on what rooms are available (my parents can only go 3000 so if we get an 8000 unit, you are agreeing to pay a bigger share)See outside: http://bit.ly/2T434McDirectons: http://bit.ly/2T17hjLTerms: 1 month advance, 1 month deposit (their electricity last time I asked is 25 kw/h--commercial, so they could be profitable with their condotel business--but they are obliged to be polite so that's a plus)Private message > Agree to meet up and view a room > Meet up > Get to know each other and view available rooms (at the same time) > Agree to be roommatesMessage me if you're interested.Thanks!
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