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More Than Just Transition Homes

Townhouse with a Lanai

Townhouses were once regarded as transition homes—small, cramped, and rented only to have a place to live while saving for the dream home, particularly a house and lot within a gated village or subdivision.

However, as Philippine real estate is quickly changing and diversifying, so too are the offerings of homebuilders and developers. One of the property types that is receiving quite a significant update is townhouses.

Townhouses nowadays come in sizes that can rival the best single-family or single-detached homes, while some that are built within self-contained communities that come with amenities at par with the best condominium projects. In addition, many of them are situated in real estate hotspots and up-and-coming areas close to business districts, making them ideal for families with small kids who go to schools and parents who work in either BGC or Makati. Indeed, this property type is an excellent option for those scouting for the ideal urban dwelling.

Townhouses for Sale: Manila Has the Best

Several cities offer the best townhouses for sale in Metro Manila. One of those cities is the capital of the City of Manila itself. There are several key places where you can find a townhouse for sale in Manila. Some of those places are Sampaloc District, home to many universities and colleges;
Spacious Dining Area Santa Ana District, which shares its border with Makati and is close to Circuit Makati; the districts of Malate and Ermita; and the district of Santa Mesa, which is close to Quezon City. Prices here can range from an affordable PHP 5.5 million to about PHP 13.5 million.

Another city where one can easily find a townhouse for sale in Quezon City. Being Metro Manila’s largest city, it has plenty of suburban residential areas, including South Triangle, Fairview, and Katipunan. Another noteworthy area in Quezon City is New Manila, a primarily residential enclave where many new townhouses—ranging from PHP 10 to PHP 25 million per unit—can be found.

Lastly, the city of Parañaque offers perhaps the greatest number of newly built townhouses for sale in Manila. Dubbed as the “city of subdivisions,” Parañaque’s many villages and gated communities, including BF Homes, Tahanan Village, Merville Park, Multinational Village, Better Living, and Moonwalk Village, among tons of others, offer townhomes fit for every budget. A three-bedroom in Better Living Subdivision can be had for PHP 8.5 million, while a luxurious five-bedroom, the 350square meter in Tahanan Village can be bought for PHP 23 million. Hence, there surely is a townhouse anywhere in Metro Manila that fits every possible budget.