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Encompassing a land area of 12.62 square miles and a total population of 552,573, Las Piñas is a clean and green city. Situated at the southern area of the National Capital Region (NCR), it has banned the use of plastic and styrofoam just like the neighboring city of Muntinlupa. It is considered as one of the cleanest municipalities in the country. Because of its eco-friendly communities, the city was dignified with the prestigious 500 Roll of Honour by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It is the first city in the country to be honored by an international organization.

The city was important during many periods in Philippine history. During the Spanish era, the city was the salt center of the capital. Until today, it actually still is due to its numerous salt evaporation ponds. During the Philippine Revolution, it was a major war site being occupied by the forces of General Emilio Aguinaldo, who later became the first president of the Philippines. The city was then occupied by the Japanese during World War II. It went through many topographical changes, first being a part of Cavite then Rizal then Parañaque until 1997, when it was officially proclaimed a city of Metro Manila under the presidency of Fidel V. Ramos.



  • Salt Center of Metro Manila
  • Home of the Bamboo Organ
  • Lantern Capital of Metro Manila
  • City of Love and Progress

These are all the names that have been affiliated with Las Piñas City.

As the site of the 190-year old Bamboo Organ, the city is a popular destination for tourists. A lot of locals and foreigners visit the St. Joseph Paris Church to see this one-of-a-kind instrument known for its rare sound. People also come to the city the witness the Lantern Festival during Christmastime. Parol-making (the local term for Christmas lanterns) is an art and custom that has been mastered by the people. During this time of the year, a parade of people in costumes, and lanterns in different shapes, sizes, and colors fill the city.

Today, the city one of the most advanced and progressive cities nationwide. For three years straight, the city has been honored as one of the most peaceful cities in the capital, making it one of the best places to rent properties, especially since half of the city is solely residential.

With the other half dedicated to commercial endeavors and enterprises, Las Piñas is also a place for businesspeople. Because of major roads that connect it to the rest of region, the availability of many transportation services, and its communication infrastructures, many real estate and corporate investors have taken an interest in the city. Its economic growth is also due to its being the gateway to the CALABARZON area.