Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation

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Land Asia Realty & Development Corporation
Unit 4, Ground Floor, Geson Bldg., D. Jakosalem St., Cebu City
Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation was founded in 1992 with a determined vision conquering exceptional victory up until now. The progressing ladder of development of the company immensely surpassing hurdles and adversities and yet it emerged to be one of the country’s finest in the real estate industry. The company set out to fulfill a vital niche that seemed lacking in the industry – to hoist the concept of real estate service to another level. Realtor Ricardo ‘Ric’ N. Inting is Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation’s Chairman and Founder and is the principal figure in the day-to-day operations, strategic planning and overall vision for Land Asia. Under Inting’s direction, Land Asia continues to expand its services as it sets the standard for commercial residential real estate companies in Philippines. Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation continues to be a vibrant, viable, satisfying workplace - an organization truly committed to delivering the highest quality of professional services to its clients and customers, a business respected within the community for its productivity, performance and innovation. A business driven by results, whose standards of practice are ethically and morally rooted.
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