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For Rent 5 Bedroom Sydney's Hotspring Resort in Calamba, Laguna

Pansol, Calamba
Thank you for your interest in Laguna "Sydney's Hotspring Resort. (EACH ROOM  HAS  ITS  OWN TOILET AND BATH)  WITH  2 POWDER ROOM  AT THE FUNCTION AREA)- Function  Area can accommodate 100 guests Room Room 1 -bed sleeping capacity 12 (3 Twin SIZE BED with pull out)   Room 2 -bed sleeping capacity 6 if all adult, 8 if with kids (2 TWIN SIZE BED with pull out)  Room 3 -bed sleeping capacity  6 if all adult, 8 if with kids (2 TWIN SIZE BED with pull out)  Room  4 -bed sleeping capacity 16 (4 twin size bed with pull out)  with space for   extra mattress         Room  5 -bed sleeping capacity 10  (2 TWIN SIZE BED with pull out  and 1 queen size bed TOTAL: 50 DAYTIME  8:00 A.M.    TO   5:00 P.M. NIGHT TIME  7:00 P.M.   TO   6:00 A.M.   22 hrs           8:00 A.M    TO    6:00 A.M                         7:00P.M     TO    5:00 P.M. RATES : 24 hrs        Rooms 1,2 &3        25K           Bed capacity maximum of 28 pax                     Rooms 1,2,3 &4     30K          Bed capacity maximum of 40 pax                    Rooms  1,2,3,4&5   35K      ( inclusive of suite room) bed capacity 50 pax 12hrs      Rooms 1,2,3             18K      maximum of  25pax                                                      20K     more than 25 pax                                                        22K     more than 35 pax                 Rooms 1,2,3&4         22K     maximum of 40 pax                 Room 1,2,3,4&5       25K     Maximum of 50 pax  ( inclusive of suite room) 9 hrs       Rooms 1,2&3          13K    up to 25pax maximum                                                    15K    more than 25 pax                Rooms 1234            18K    40pax and above                Rooms 12345         20K    50pax ( inclusive of suite room ) DAYTIME          8:00 A.M.    TO      5:00 P.M. NIGHT TIME    7:00 P.M.    TO      6:00 A.M. 24 HOURS        8:00 A.M.    TO      6:00 A.M.                            7:00 P.M.    TO      5:00 P.M. Amenities: *Videoke    *Billiard    *2 LCD TV (in Rm. 5 and function area)                  *8 set of 6 Seater Table w/ 32 chairs     *Cooktop Stove     *Refrigerator      With Minimal Charge: BBQ Grill (LPG) – P300 for 24hrs. / P500 for 48hrs. Water Dispenser (P250 24hrs/P400 48hrs.), Jacuzzi (P1,000 per hr.) Extra Mattress – Single (P200.00) , Double (P300.00) FOR RESERVATION:                                                                          Tel. Nos.: (Manila office  8:30-5:30)
Contact agent for price
750 m²
Floor area
525 m²
Land Size

Private Hot Springs Resort- Room or Entire Resort for Rent

Bagong Kalsada, Calamba
Maharlika Private Resort features 5 rooms with ensuite toilet and bath for each room, one 10-meter pool with slides, one 25-meter pool, one kiddie pool, WiFi, karaoke (use is only until 10PM as per barangay order), a large alfresco area, garden, outdoor dining areas, grilling area, kitchen, outdoor shower areas, and a large driveway. The resort is situated in Pansol, Laguna, along the foothills of Mt. Makiling. Our water is directly sourced from the mountain so you get to enjoy natural spring water at its finest. We are proud to say we DON'T use chlorine on our pools. For many years, the resort served as a private getaway for a Filipino family. Now, its doors are being opened for the public to enjoy. Come join us, and experience what our private resort has to offer! Services: - Rent a room, or - Rent the entire property Amenities: - 1 hot spring pool w/ slides- 10 meters - 1 hot spring pool- for kids - 1 hot spring pool- 25 meters - 5 private rooms, w/ ensuite toilet and bath for every room - WiFi - Karaoke- note: as per barangay order, karaoke can only be used until 10PM. - Large afresco area - Garden - Outdoor dining areas - Grilling area - Kitchen - Outdoor shower areas - Large driveway Prices: A. Day Rates (9 or 11 hours) - Weekday rate (Mon-Thurs, 8am- 5pm, or 7pm- 6am): PHP 8,000 (for 10-15 pax) - Weekend rate (Fri-Sun, 8am- 5pm, or 7pm- 6am): PHP 10,000 (for 10-15 pax)  - Additional rates apply for every additional person B. Overnight Rates (22 hours) - Weekday rate (Mon-Thurs, 8am- 6am, or 7pm- 5pm): PHP 10- 12,000 (for 10-15 pax)  - Weekend rate Fri-Sun, 8am- 6am, or 7pm- 5pm): PHP 18- 20,000 (for 10-15 pax) - Additional rates apply for every additional person For inquiries, please contact: Joy Hope to see you soon! Thank you :)
₱ 8,000
2000 m²
Floor area
2000 m²
Land Size

For Rent 5BR Prince Art Resort in Solemar Del Pansol Village, Calamba, Laguna

Pansol, Calamba
DAYTIME  8:00  AM  TO  5:00 PM NIGHT TIME 7:00  PM  TO  6:00 AM 24-HOUR STAY 8:00  AM  TO  6:00 AM / 7:00  PM  TO  5:00 PM Room     Bed Capacity / if  with extra mattress Room 1         4               2 TWIN SIZE BED) Room 2         2               (2 SINGLE BED) plus extra mattres Room 3         3               (TWIN SIZE BED, 1 SINGLE BED) Room  4       10              (3  DOUBLE DECK  and 1 single bed) Room  5       10              (3 DOUBLE DECK and 1 single bed) ______________________ total            29    =     30 RATES: 22 hrs / 25k / 4 Rooms / 30pax maximum 22 hrs / 28k / All Rooms / 35pax  22 hrs / 20k-24k / Selected Rooms 12 hrs / 12k-18k 8 hrs / 10k-15k AMENITIES: Free use VIDEOKE LCD TV (function area) Billiard   Refrigerator Cook top 2 burner stove 5 six seater table with 30 chairs There is a minimal charge for the use of the ff:       1day             2 days  Griller  ( lpg, no need to buy charcoal)                       Php  300.00  Php 500.00 Water Dispenser                                                            Php250.00    Php 400.00 Extra mattress   (single)                                                Php 300.00                          Madjong set  (needs to make deposit before using the madjong)  Php 300.00 (12 hrs)  Php 500 (22-24 hrs. )                                              We require Php 500 deposit to play billiard , whole amount  will be refunded upon surrender of the complete billiard balls and accessories.   (strictly no refund, we only allow change of schedule at least  10 days prior to your assigned slot) Note :  We allow viewing of  the area ( including rooms)  in case there are customers who would like to reserve , but has to be accompanied by any representative who is currently occupying the resort. For Reservations: Please Call: Mobile No.      
Contact agent for price
600 m²
Floor area
500 m²
Land Size

Rent a House in Los Baños, Laguna

Los Baños is the perfect place to rent a vacation property. It’s home to beautiful mountain views and hot spring resorts.

Los Baños is a first-class municipality in the Laguna province, famous for being the site of local and international agricultural research centers. Houses and lots for rent in Los Baños, Laguna are great for those looking for a vacation property as some of them are north of Mount Makiling, popular among locals and tourists for its beautiful views and hot springs.

Los Baños has a total land area of 56.5 square kilometers, split into 14 barangays. It is also home to over 115,353 people, according to the 2020 Census, representing about 3.41% of Laguna’s total population. 

This town’s economy is fueled by agriculture and tourism with major exports being rice, dairy products, and livestock. Visitors flock to Los Baños for farm tours and its famous hot spring resorts. 

Nearby Establishments

Rental properties in Los Baños are close to prestigious schools and upscale malls.

The houses and lots for rent in Los Baños are close to different schools, malls, and hospitals. Residents can conveniently get to other establishments in nearby towns, like Calamba, Pansol, Canlubang, and San Pablo. 

This town is home to the following universities and colleges: 

  • University of the Philippines (UP) - Los Baños
  • Laguna State Polytechnic University - Los Baños Campus
  • Trace College
  • Colegio de Los Baños

Premier hospitals and medical centers in Los Baños include:

  • St. Jude Family Hospital
  • Los Baños Health Care Center
  • Healthserv Los Baños Medical Center
  • Los Baños Doctors Hospital & Medical Center

The homes for rent in Los Baños are near these shopping centers:

  • Robinsons Town Mall Los Baños
  • Olivarez Plaza Mall
  • Vega Centre Los Baños
  • Los Baños Centtro: The Lifestyle Mall and Convention Center
  • CityMall Los Baños

Average Price of Houses for Rent in Los Baños, Laguna

The houses for rent in Los Baños range from P9,000 to P35,000 a month.

People looking for a house and lot for rent in Los Baños, Laguna, should consider factors like floor size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, furnishing, and amenities. They determine the rental cost of each property.

One can rent a house for as low as P9,000 a month and these properties often have two bedrooms and floor areas below 100 square meters. This setup is perfect for small families and solo renters. There are also homes with more than three bedrooms and large floor and land sizes. These properties cost upwards of P32,000 a month to rent.

Why You Should Rent a Home in Los Baños, Laguna

Getting a house for rent in Los Baños, Laguna is an ideal investment for property seekers who want a short-term residence in Laguna.

house and lot for rent in Los Baños, Laguna is perfect for people looking for a short-term vacation property in Laguna. Many homes in the area are close to hot spring resorts. Some even offer breathtaking views of Mt. Makiling. These properties are also great for students looking for a place to stay near UP Los Baños and other colleges and universities in the area.

Work Opportunities

This town has a robust agro-industrial sector. So, people with experience in farming and food processing won’t have a problem finding work in the area. People looking for careers outside these fields can commute to neighboring cities and municipalities like San Pablo, San Pedro, and Santa Rosa. These towns are home to manufacturing, business process outsourcing (BPO), and information technology (IT) companies. 

Business and Investment Opportunities

Entrepreneurs and investors have a wide range of options for starting a business in Los Baños. They can put up agricultural supply stores, hardware stores, feed shops, or even food processing plants to help local farmers and fisherfolk. Investors can also build accommodations near UP Los Baños to rent out to students and staff. 


What are the different properties for rent in Los Baños?

Aside from houses and lots, properties for rent in Los Baños, Laguna include retail and commercial spaces and studio units. 

How much is a house and lot for sale in Los Baños?

Houses and lots for sale in Los Baños, Laguna range from P1.7M to P40M.

Can I buy a residential lot for sale in Los Baños?

Yes, and a residential lot for sale in Los Baños starts at P600,000.