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The price range of purchasing a house in La Union would cost the buyer approximately Php4 million to Php20 million, of course, depending on the size, number of rooms, lot area, and exact location of the home.

There are a number of popular towns in the province, many considered “surf towns”, with the way of living and tourism in the area centered on the water sport. Among the notable towns are San Juan and Bauang.

As of 2015, the population of La Union is close to 800,000 people, with a density of about 530 residents per square kilometer.

Currently, notable personalities in popular culture hailing from La Union are actor, comedian Vice Ganda and award-winning news anchor, Jessica Soho.


Gaining Ground for Surfing and Tourism

Brand New Houses in La UnionIn the last decade, no coastal locale has arguably gained more popularity than La Union. With its coastline facing the South China Sea, its beaches have gained popularity among beginner surfers with its many beach breaks, particularly in San Juan, La Union. Other notable surfing spots for more experienced lovers of the extreme sport include Carille and reef breaks, Monaliza Point.

The continued gentrification of the area is home to popular hotspots among Millennials and foreign travelers such as Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Hostel, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, as well as Thunderbird Resort. Popular dining establishments include Tagpuan, serving budget-friendly meals, and Gefseis, a Greek owned Mediterranean restaurant and El Union, a thirdwave coffee cafe.

It is undeniable that surfing is the primary purpose for most who go to La Union. However, there are also other sites to see. There are the Botanical Gardens in San Fernando City, a 10 hectare facility, preserved for its homegrown flora and fauna, natural only to the Philippines. There is also the exciting trek to Tangadan Falls, which features a 40 foot cliff diving area, for those seeking more adrenaline-inducing adventure.


Living in La Union

San Juan is not the only place where one can live in the province. There are other municipalities where industry is booming, such as Agoo, Bacnotan, San Fernando and Bauang. The former Wallace Air Station in Poro Point was turned into a business and industrial area.

Affordable Houses in La UnionThere are twenty colleges and five state universities around La Union. As for its transportation, one may get around the province commuting using jeepneys, tricycles, mini-buses and rent-a-vans. It is four to five hours away from Metro Manila using the North Luzon Expressway and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. Partas, Dominion, Farinas, Philippine Rabbit and Viron buses are the bus lines that one may use to get to La Union.


Buying a House and Lot in La Union

For those who crave a life away from the city, be it families or those looking to invest, a home in La Union should be considered. Because of how the towns of La Union are being developed, it is clear that potential and prospective homeowners can invest in La Union because of its affordability. Prices will predictably rise because of its development boom.

If one is looking for home, near the beach and away from the chaos of city life, one can buy a house and lot in La Union for as low as just a little under Php2.6 million. Such prices are enough for three-bedroom home with as much as 78 square meters of total land area.

For property seekers looking for a home that is more comprehensive and have substantial finances for their property purchase, Php25 million can garner one a six-bedroom home with 440 square meters worth of total floor area and 1,180 square meters of total land area. Such a home includes three bathrooms, a swimming pool, and is about two to three kilometers the popular surfing resorts of San Juan.