Leisure Location: What Young Professionals Want for Their Next Home Address

Even prior to the pandemic, location has always been a huge consideration when buying a home, especially among luxury buyers. As movement restrictions became the norm during the crisis, people have placed even more importance on location, favoring addresses that offer easy access to leisure. 

It’s the new definition of post-code envy: premium locations that shake off the stress of being cooped up inside the home for days. 

This new preference paved the way for the greater popularity of a certain type of community: destination estates. These micro-cities within cities are especially popular among young professionals who are experiencing burnout from work from home. These are the ways living in a mixed-use development helps professionals deal with the stress of modern times:

More Time for Leisure

In a mixed-use community, everything one wants and needs is within reach. More than the sheer convenience, residents don’t need to cover traffic-jam-riddled roads when going to work or running bank errands. It saves time, freeing up one’s schedule to more important matters, such as leisure. 

One of the top-tier communities in the Queen City of the South is Robinsons Galleria Cebu Complex, more commonly known as Galleria Cebu. The upscale destination estate hosts essential establishments, such as a mall, business process outsourcing (BPO) offices, and a hotel, all strategically placed based on the concept of “use-relation,” which ensures that correlated structures are near each other, providing shorter travel distance to residents. 

Galleria Residences Cebu – Artist’s Illustration

The community itself is situated along Gen. Maxilom Avenue, a major thoroughfare accessible to all kinds of transportation. It’s easily reachable from Cebu’s bustling main port area and the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. No time is ever wasted in such a meticulously designed mixed-use estate.

Galleria Residences Cebu is a high-end vertical residential community situated in Robinsons Galleria Cebu Complex. Living in this first-class home and address, busy professionals have more time for lifestyle pursuits, including self-care and bonding with family and friends. True to RLC Residences’ redefined brand banner, “Raise, Live, Connect,” the condo allows residents to be connected with loved ones and great destinations.

More Space for Leisure

Mixed-use developments integrate walkability in their design. Similarly, they’re bike-friendly. Robinsons Galleria Cebu Complex, for instance, hosts a mall equipped with cycling infrastructure, such as bike parking and repair station, situated at the ​​Maxilom Driveway Entrance. Thus, it’s not just easy to reach recreational spaces, such as malls and hotels. The entire complex serves as a playground for well-being. In between online meetings or during the weekends, busy professionals can unwind with a quick stroll at the green spaces around the complex or go on a cycling adventure.

Within the resort-inspired community of Galleria Residences Cebu, there are also plenty of areas for leisure, such as the gym and the swimming pool. Future condo owners can also meditate in the garden and catch their favorite movies at the private theater. Designed to elevate comfort and extravagance, the upscale building has its own retail area on the ground floor, making retail therapy a no-fuss affair.

Galleria Residences Cebu’s Swimming Pool – Artist’s Illustration

The children won’t miss out either. The unique craftsmanship and design of Galleria Residences Cebu extends to kid-friendly amenities, the outdoor playground and kiddie pool. As the residential enclave hosts amenities of pleasure, residents will never run out of exciting activities to do in a complex like this, even amid a crisis.

More Cash for Leisure (and Other Investments)

Given the convenience of living where everything’s within reach, transportation costs don’t take up a huge chunk of the household budget. The savings can be redirected to funding hobbies, whether it be retail therapy, weekend food trips, or extreme sports. The entire recreational experience gets better with no worries over finances.

But more than the extra cash for leisure, the savings are a huge plus for young professionals who are trying to reach financial independence. For seasoned professionals, it builds a huge reserve over time for future investments, such as a rental condo.

Galleria Residences Cebu – Artist’s Illustration

The high-end units in Galleria Residences Cebu start at P4.8 million. The development will also come with special discounts at the Lamudi Online Housing Fair. For a luxury property, situated in an enviable address and tailored to suit the sophisticated sensibilities of property seekers, the condo offers an irresistible deal.

The new normal presents new home buyer preferences. More than a convenient location, people are on the lookout for a leisure location. The perfect example is the destination estate, offering easy access to recreation. 

If you want to know more about the upscale residential developments in Robinsons Galleria Cebu Complex, including Galleria Residences Cebu, visit RLC Residences’ development page at the Lamudi Online Housing Fair.


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