Enjoy Chill Days in Your Bedroom When You Win This Mini Cooler/Warmer from Maximus

After a long day at work, everyone can agree that relaxing and staying cozy on your bed is probably the best reward. Especially on days when you just feel tired, even going out to the kitchen in the middle of the night to satisfy your cravings can seem like a hassle. 

This is why having a compact storage that keeps your snacks and beverages at the right temperature—inside your bedroom—makes things more convenient. 

Join another social media game by Lamudi and Maximus to get your own cooler/warmer. 

Guess the perfect spot and get a chance to win the grand prize, a Maximus Mini Cooler/Warmer that’s perfect for chill days in your bedroom!

Here’s how to join:

  1. Follow @lamudi_ph
  2. Follow @thegreatestph
  3. Comment the letter of the correct answer in this post.
  4. Tag at least 3 of your friends to join. 

Comment your entry and make your everyday convenient with a Maximus Mini Cooler/Warmer. Winners for the Minor Prize (P500 Lazada GC) and Grand Prize (Maximus Mini Cooler/Warmer) will be announced on October 3 and 10, 2022, respectively. 

Not Ready to Hit the Bars Yet? A Few Tips on Hosting At-Home Parties 

Another way to de-stress without leaving your home is to invite your friends or relatives over and catch up. Or you can take it to the next level by hosting your own parties! 

Even though many establishments and bars are starting to open up, not everyone is ready to socialize outdoors. Plus, there’s also the rainy weather to consider. So why not throw an intimate party in the comfort of your own home? 

Here are some tips on how to do it:

Ask Your Guests to RSVP 

Avoid last-minute cancellations and changes by asking your guests to confirm if they are attending at least days ahead of the party. You wouldn’t want to exert so much time and effort only for a few people to show up. 

Plan Out Your Menu

Once you have the final guest list, you can begin asking about your guests’ preferences. Do they have allergies or a special diet? This is important since you wouldn’t want to serve food and drinks that go against their principles or trigger their allergies. 

Suggest a Theme for the Party

To make things a little more interesting, why not suggest a theme for the entire party? Having a theme adds a fun factor and gives your guests an idea of what to expect from your party. Some ideas include Wine Night, Hawaiian, Bohemian, and Halloween.

Get a Wine Chiller – Because Wine Not?

Drinks can amplify the fun at parties, which is true for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. To avoid ruining your guests’ moods, serve these drinks at their best temperature.

That would be easier than you think, especially if you have a wine chiller. It is a must-have when hosting parties since it stores and keeps your beverages cold. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask your guests what type of beverages they prefer so you can accommodate them better.

Don’t be a boring party host. Be prepared and never serve lukewarm drinks. Check out the plug-and-play Wine Chiller from Maximus, which is loaded with the latest technologies. 

Some of the product’s notable features include an interior fan circulation and a reversible door that allows you to place two units for a side-by-side opening. It also has a security lock system, which is useful when kids are around. Indeed, this item is perfect for entertaining guests and relatives coming over for the year-end holidays.

The Maximus Wine Chiller is also available for commercial use in restaurants and hotel bars. The top brand offers big-capacity wine chillers that can store up to 160 bottles, with a door defrost function and inverter compressor. 

These products from Maximus let you celebrate life wins no matter how big or small. When you’re ready to purchase, use the special promo code: #thegreatestwinechillerxLamudi. The first 100 customers to use this code on the Maximus website (www.thegreatest.ph) can get an extra 5% discount on Maximus fridges and wine chillers. Valid until October 31, 2022.

Want to see the items in person? Maximus products are also available in their flagship showroom at 165 Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati. Maximus offers product demos in their physical showroom and virtual demos via video call for a convenient shopping experience. 


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