Wondering Where to Invest in the Time of COVID? Check Taguig

A lot of property seekers are on a wait-and-see mode given the coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly, they’re not being passive while they’re cooped up in their homes. In fact, they’re busy scouring the web, looking for their next investments

According to Lamudi data, for instance, in the first quarter of 2020, Taguig rose to third place as the most-searched location, compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. Taguig’s climb from fourth to third place is notable because it happens with the backdrop of COVID-19 chaos. 

It’s interesting to know why Taguig is a hotspot for seekers. Here, we list the possible reasons it’s gaining popularity, and why you should consider investing in it, too:

It Provides Convenient Access

A city in the capital region, it’s accessible in every sense of the word. It’s close to workplaces. If you’re a professional, living here means spending less time on the road. If you’re an entrepreneur, it means being exposed to a lot of business opportunities and partnerships. If you’re considering a Taguig property as a rental investment, this means a long list of possible tenants vying for an enviable space near offices.

Taguig is near key establishments as well. From malls and supermarkets to banks and hospitals, everything is within reach. This is perhaps largely the reason many property seekers look for properties in this location, despite the pandemic. 

As people stay at home all day every day, they start to realize how important it is to be in a location that allows them to satisfy basic needs easily, such as going to the grocery and buying goods without a hassle, finding a bank and sending money to loved ones, and getting to the hospital for urgent medical attention. With Taguig’s location, all of this is possible.

It Values Community Safety

This Southern city is one of the safest places in Metro Manila. In fact, its police force was tagged as most efficient in terms of crime solution and clearance efficiency among PNP (Philippine National Police) units in the southern part of the capital region. It ranks high in the same category among the largest cities in the country as well. This is yet another compelling reason people are searching for Taguig properties during this pandemic. 

There have been news of looting circling around, in texts and social media messages. Although already debunked by the PNP, it still causes worries among the public. For people who are just at home, the fear is enough to make one consider finding safer places, whether that is for a home, an office, or a rental property. With Taguig police’s track record, it’s not a surprise that property seekers are keeping an eye on the city.

Of course, safety isn’t just about efficient police response. The local government’s response to natural calamities is part of the consideration of safety, too. Taguig likewise leads in this aspect, as the municipality has its own localized weather monitoring system. With the government informed about the latest on weather situations, they’re able to make wise decisions that reduce safety risks during calamities. Sounds like a good property location, right?

It Promotes Leisure

Before the coronavirus broke out, Taguig was bustling with activity. People were going out to malls on the weekends, catching the latest in the cinemas, or dining out in restaurants. Some spend time in museums with their kids. Others hang out in bars with friends and work colleagues. Those who are more laid-back visit parks around the city. 

There’s a good chance that seekers consider Taguig properties because of this leisure culture in the city. Easing cabin fever and dealing with the nostalgia for the ‘pre-pandemic’ life, people probably look for homes that they think would let them relive their lifestyle once the quarantine is over. Taguig, being one of the busy cities in the metro, likely became a candidate in property seekers’ options.

Perhaps you’ve been considering investing in real estate as you wait for more favorable market conditions during this pandemic. Be proactive in your waiting: flip through online marketplaces and find good property choices. Take a cue from some seekers. Consider Taguig.


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