For a Safe, Dry Home: How to Waterproof Your Condo Unit

Ideally, rainy days in the condo should be chill and romantic: looking out from the condo’s foggy window, while playing your hugot playlist in the background. But the common reality for homeowners is a bit more chaotic: leaky windows, muddy floors, and pools of water everywhere. The thing is, the only way you can enjoy the cuddle, senti weather is when you waterproof your home.

Here’s how you can keep the water off your condo and keep your loved ones safe during rainy days:

Seal Up Your Windows

Water leaks on window sills may result from poor maintenance or missing caulking. It may have also simply sustained wear and tear over time under different weather conditions. Either way, you can fix this problem by using sealant and caulking. 

Start filling the window sill cracks by using a primer. To ensure an even distribution of sealant, use a masking tape as a guide. Squeeze the sealant onto the surface. Take your sealant finishing tool to smooth out the application. Leave the sealant to dry, and then remove the masking tape.

Create a Mud(space)

Your wet, muddy shoes and dripping umbrellas can quickly mess up your floors when you don’t pay attention to them during the rainy season. It’s not just unsightly, but it can also be a safety hazard, as you might experience slips and falls from puddles of water. Thus, it’s important to keep these things off your living space. 

One thing you can do is create a “mudroom” at the entrance of your unit. Place a shoe and umbrella rack near the door. Or if your budget and space permits, invest in mini cubby shelves with a bench so you can easily take your shoes off when you arrive.

Take Wet Clothes Straight to the Laundry

Wet clothes are another inconvenience on rainy days. Similarly, the drips of water may create puddles that can, later on, be safety hazards. This is why it’s important to toss them to the washing machine right away and wash them. This will not just prevent safety risks, but also avoid bad odors on the clothes. Some condo layouts have the bathroom-laundry room near the entrance. If your unit is designed like this, then it’s just a matter of forming the habit to leave your wet clothes in the bathroom.

In case you don’t want to wash them right away and it’s still raining outside, set up a drying rack inside your condo. Use a foldable clothes rack, and place a rectangular basin underneath to catch the water drips.

Make Sure the Balcony Drainage Works

Being the outdoor space in the unit, the balcony is often the most drenched part of the home during the rainy season. The rainwater here shouldn’t be a problem as long as it doesn’t stay for a long period. If it does, you most likely have a drainage problem, and this should merit a report to the property manager. To further prevent rainwater from entering your unit, go for sliding glass shutters with waterproof frames.

Watch Out for Leaks

Often, leaks in condos become much worse when it’s raining. It’s important to fix those problems before the monsoon season comes to avoid not just the inconvenience, but also the health problems related to stagnant, unclean water. The last thing you want when you’re working from home (or listening to your favorite hugot playlist) is the pitter-patter of leaks from your ceiling and the possibility of catching dengue fever.

Part of condo waterproofing is to look for signs of leaks. Watch out for dark stains on surfaces, peeling or blistering paint, damaged flooring, and musty smells. If ever you spot these problems, call your property manager to have the leaks repaired.

Is your condo ready for the rainy season? Don’t let the mess and safety hazards seep into your home. Waterproof your unit to make sure your loved ones can stay safe and dry. With nothing to worry about, you’ll be able to enjoy being on senti mode, looking out your window, and listening to all the sad love songs you love.

If you’re still looking for the perfect condo for your lifestyle, start your search here.


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